Friday, 12 August 2011

Mumsnet Seal of Approval

Those acquainted with me will know that I've got quite a crush on Mumsnet. So imagine my thrill when I log on to find this on their site: "Featured Blogger".

However being the cautious pessimist that I am I assumed that it was a clever piece of marketing code, and that only I could see it. So I Tweeted to Mumsnet HQ. A few hours later they reassured:

As the blog is only 2 months old I am thrilled to be recognised so soon. Regarding awards, I thought I may win a couple of tiddlers before bagging the big boy some day. I never imagined that day would come whilst my blog was still in its infancy. I’m modest like that.

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Well done :) I've never seen that box myself (well, once or twice - wonder why it appears so randomly!) but it's fantastic that you've got such great recognition!

You do deserve it :)

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