Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Meme of the week: Pediatric Fast-Food


Jen @ the mama years said...

But how does this help the mother who needs to supplement for medical reasons or truly important indications? This is the kind of stuff that makes people thinking breastfeeding supporters are all of the crazed, in your face type. I get your point, but it's just a bit like, really? This? How does this move the conversation forward in a positive, non-incendiary way?

Nephite Girl said...

Truth is truth, sometimes unfortunately. It depends on how you REACT to the truth. Obviously there are special situations where a mother needs to supplement, but can we find a way to do so in a non-harmful way ( avoiding formula)? For example, what about a milk bank? Maybe there needs to be a movement towards growth of milk banks where more mothers are asked and willing to donate pumped milk. This would allow more babies the opportunity to avoid formula.

Maybe LLLI could work towards connecting breastfeeding mothers to those that are in need of milk. Can we pair mothers up this way?

If one is offended it is because within themselves they feel they have failed or know there's a better way. We each CHOOSE to be offended. Instead, choose to find a solution!

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