100 Things To Do With Just A Pipe Cleaner


Did you know can educate, entertain and exercise your child using just a single pipe cleaner? Oh yes you can! A pipe cleaner is the perfect toy for children of all ages! Don’t believe me? Here’s 100 reasons why..

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0-2 Years:

1. Tickle Stick:

Use your pipe cleaner as a ‘tickle stick’ to tickle your baby’s feet. For toddlers you can introduce body-part language by tickling different parts and naming them.

2. Zipper Pull:

Toddlers often have problems with their zipper until they develop the fine motor skills. Help your toddler by attaching your pipe cleaner to their zipper. It gives them extra leverage and looks pretty neat too.

3. Pencil Grip:

One of the most important markers of learning to write is using correct pencil grip. Here’s where your pipe cleaner can come in handy.

4. Little Chef:

Invite your toddler to act like a chef and use the stick to chop, stir and cook in the kitchen.

5. Defuse a Tantrum:

Toddler approaching meltdown territory? Use your pipe cleaner to explain how people can bend and change when they need to in a situation. Full instructions here.

6. Pipe Cleaner Stethoscope:

Create a pipe cleaner stethoscope for fantasy play. This works best with an extra-long pipe cleaner. Don’t worry if you don’t have foil for the end, just twist a circular shape.

7. Wiggly Worm:

Here’s a simple activity to boost your toddler’s fine motor skills. Show them how to twist a pipe cleaner around their index finger. Instant wiggly worm – cute!

8. Needle Craft:

Create an adorable child-safe needle that you can use for pretend threading. Turn your toddler into a mini tailor.

9. Microphone:

Invite your child to pretend their pipe cleaner is a microphone and enter them into a ‘singing contest’.

10. Hand-Free Microphone:

Now combine singing and dancing! Bend your pipe cleaner into a hand-free microphone so your child can move and sing more easily.

11. Decorate A Tree:

Pimp up a tree either by twisting your pipe cleaner around a branch or by ‘hanging’ it on like a candycane.

12. It’s A Wrap:

Name different body parts for child to see if they can wrap the pipecleaner around it (nose, ear, toe, ankle, wrist, forearm, thumb, etc – great for learning body parts)