14 Black Women Who Have Changed the World


Ever since the beginning of time, we have to admit black women have played an important role in the creation and advancement of the world. From civil rights activists to scientists and political leaders, we’re honoring the women whose lives have changed the world. Have a look at these warrior women who influenced the history.

Stories of black women are truly inspiring. Even reading quotes from black women can keep you motivated every day.

Ella Baker

Civil Rights protestor Ella Baker worked behind the scenes for the NAACP, SCLS, as well as SNCC for greater than half a century. She worked together with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks,Thurgood Marshall, etc. In the year 2009, she was honored on a U.S postage stamp.

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a previous servant, activist and also a spy for the U.S Military throughout the Civil Battle. After getting away into flexibility, Tubman went back to rescue her household and then directed hundreds of other servants to liberty.

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth was born as a servant in upstate New York as well as left to freedom with her infant child. She later transformed her name and also became an activist as well as women’s rights protestor. Sojourner Truth’s most well-known speech is “Ain’t I a woman?” was provided in 1851.

Shirley Chisholm

Unbought as well as unbossed, U.S Rep Shirley Chisholm ruined the glass ceiling when she came to be the first Black woman to run for Head of state in 1972. Chisholm didn’t win the election however her location in background was sealed. She was posthumously granted the Presidential Medal of Liberty in 2015.

Ida B. Wells

A journalist and a very early civil rights activist, Wells documented lynching in the USA and also released a pamphlet called Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Stages. She is additionally among the creators of the National Association for the Innovation of Colored Individuals. (NAACP).

Rosa Parks

Before her historical boycott of the Montgomery bus system, Rosa Parks was a protestor and coordinator. As a member of the NAACP, she functioned as an assistant for the organization as well as was educated to oppose for racial equal rights. She received the Presidential Medal of Liberty, the Congressional Gold Media and also a statuary in the U.S Capitol’s National Statuary Hall.

Madame CJ Walker

Birthed Sarah Breedlove, Madame C.J. Pedestrian became the very first Black woman millionaire in the early 1900s after creating a line of appeal and hair products for Black women. Madam Pedestrian was a pioneer in the Black hair care industry. Besides turning into one of one of the most effective Black local business owner of her time, she was also a lobbyist who promoted the legal rights of African-Americans.

Henrietta Lacks

Henrietta Lacks changed background and really did not even understand it. The young mommy passed away of cancer at age 31. Tissue samples from her lumps were taken without permission during therapy as well as those cell examples were utilized by scientists to establish the polio vaccination. To today, her cells continue to conserve lives.

Michelle Obama

As America’s very first Black First Lady, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was the personification of course, beauty as well as elegance. Her campaigns helped altered the way youngsters eat, helped armed forces family members as well as we enjoyed her sense of style.

Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman is the initial Black as well as Native American lady to hold a pilot certificate. Unfortunately, she was eliminated at age 34 when her aircraft all of a sudden decreased in 1926.

Mary McLeod Bethune

Instructor, activist and benefactor Mary McLeod Bethune was selected as a national consultant to Head of state Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of his Black Cabinet. Known as the First Lady of the Battle, Bethune created a college for Black pupils in Daytona Coastline, Florida. It is currently known as Bethune-Cookman University.

Fannie Lou Hamer

Freedom soldier Fannie Lou Hamer stood being threatened, defeated and contended to safeguard the right to vote. She invested her life supporting for Black individuals to have the right to elect while acting as the vice-chair of the Liberty Democratic Event.

Mae Jemison

Designer and doctor Mae Jemison broke through cosmic barriers when she ended up being the first Black woman to take a trip precede aboard the Space capsule Effort in September 1992. In 2015, LEGO produced a mini-figurine of Jemison.

Winnie Mandela

Known as the “Mom of the Country,” Winnie Mandela is a South African lobbyist as well as politician. Along with being wed to the late Nelson Mandela for 38 years, she got the Robert F. Kennedy Civil Rights Honor in 1985.


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