4 Fun Decorating Techniques You Can Do With Your Children


A beautiful home brings a lively feeling. Working on the interiors of the house is one way of improving the attractiveness of the place. Even as you think about hiring professional remodelers, there are some simple tasks you can embark on and make your house stunning. The decorative techniques are fun and children love them.

There are a couple of decorations which you can do together as a family. They give you a chance to exploit your arts and design knowledge. Children can be creative at such times. Your family coming together to work on something brings more bonding. Among the long list of decorative techniques, here are four of them which are kids-friendly.

Using Drawings as Wall Art

It is common to see people buy wall art for their homes. This requires time in choosing the artwork appealing to your home. For kids, bedrooms, you may find yourself being too choosy as you want something to fit their age. You can skip all these by turning your kid’s drawings into wall art. The small drawings can be compiled together and used in one frame. The medium to large drawings can occupy their pieces of the frame.

Visit stores majoring in wall art frames and do the right selection. It is preferable to aim for uniformity. Buy similar frames in terms of color and fabrication materials. Let them be in different dimensions to accommodate the variance in drawings sizes. An alternative is to visit local photo printers. This will result in getting individual canvases from the artwork.

Buy Wall Stickers

Children of all ages love wall stickers. There is a lot of diversity in the designs they come with. These days, we have more personalized options for these stickers. Fitting some custom stickers to the children’s bedrooms makes them feel they own the space. It is a cost-efficient way to transform the house into a kid-friendly place. The option of placing the stickers where the kids are brings more convenience. It means there is no need to redecorate the whole home.

Find the best brands in the market for these products. The high-quality childrens wall stickers will be long-lasting. No one wants to keep replacing them now and then when they come off. The beauty of stickers is that they hardly affect the paint on the way when getting removed. This is more so when you do a proper selection of the manufacturers. Going online with the purchase is a good idea.

Find Easy, Geometric Designs

Keeping it simple is the way to go when dealing with children. It makes them feel they can contribute. Take some colored hard papers and cut them into different shapes. Make triangular, square, or triangular pieces. Do the cutting bit for the safety of the kids. You can target the toy storage area and alternate the different shapes on the shelves with glue. This brings some uniqueness to the place.

Let the children own the session by asking them about the right positioning of the pieces on the walls. Adding color makes it more exciting. Buy some art paints and color the different shapes. Depending on the appearance of the wall, decide on the best color match with the pieces. For the whole wall, black circles will work perfectly. This complements well with the toys on the shelves. Some toys can be used as décor on the floating shelves.

DIY T-Shirt Headboard

Go to the kid’s clothes wardrobe and pick the t-shirts no-longer worn. There are clothes which they love and regardless of the outgrowing, they still keep them. A good example is t-shirts with printed images of the favorite movie or music star. The list goes on and on about why a kid finds certain t-shirts special. Count the number of the clothes item when designing the DIY headboard. Go online and research the different ideas emerging. This may lead to coming up with something unique.

Be accurate in following the design putting together of the pieces. Taking the t-shirts to the laundry before anything else is a good idea. The board can be placed at a strategic point such as on a wall beside the bed. Other than the headboards, you can make DIY pillows that will serve the same purpose. For the durability of the board or pillows, go for the clothes which are not too old. Sometimes going to the market and buying new resembling ones is a great idea.

Making home decorations improves the liveliness of the place. Involving your kids in creative work is key. They tend to love such crafty work. There are many decorative techniques out there that you can do together with your kids. Besides making your place look great, it brings you closer.


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