5 YouTubers who will help you to be fit. 


Be it, men or women, everyone dreams of achieving a fit and healthy body and many of us even try to push ourselves to achieve that desired body, but that was before this wretched Covid that wreaked everything. Even though lately it’s getting a little better, we are still cautious of hitting the gym and starting workouts again.

But honestly, it’s hard, if we go to the gym, there’s a lingering sense of discomfort and fear that might make us ditch the gym. Sure we can hire a personal trainer but they’re expensive, so what should we do? The most obvious answer is finding a fitness channel on YouTube.

There are so many fitness channels on YouTube that provide great fitness content, but which of those fitness influencers provide the best and most effective and detailed workouts without too much fancy equipment? That’s one of the most important things that we must consider while looking for fitness channels.

But worry not, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best fitness channels on YouTube that provide the best workout, diet regime that you can easily follow while being at home. Most of these Fitness channels provide workouts where you won’t need any type of equipment other than your body weight, or if it did require equipment, you’ll just need a pair of dumbbells and a pullup bar, that’s it. So, if you’re curious about these 5 YouTube fitness channels, let’s get started.

5․ Lex Fitness.

Subscribers – 1.11 million 

Let’s kick off with one of my favorite as well as one of the best YouTube fitness channels namely Lex Fitness. Lex fitness was created on 8th Feb 2010 by Lex Griffin a British fitness model, bodybuilder, and personal trainer. Lex Griffin started his journey into fitness at a young age in the form of sports but he always desired something more challenging, which brought him to weight training.

In order to continue his fitness journey and gain an even better shape, he began researching muscular hypertrophy, diet, strength training; he did all this while studying Biology.

Talking about his YouTube channel, he started his channel back in 2010 and since then it has gained over 113.11 million views and 1.11 million subscribers. The reason I’ve mentioned Lex Fitness here is that most of his videos have the right amount of energy and information, which makes it very entertaining to watch. But the main reason is, his channel has great tips on self-defense along with fitness and nutrition.

Lex Griffin was one of the very first ambassadors of Gymshark and also one of the best-looking fitness influencers on this list.

4. Bodybuilding.com

Subscribers – 5.5 million

Up next we have Bodybuilding.com which you must’ve stumbled across while looking for channels with great bodybuilding content as a newbie or probably hear about them through their fitness products (like myself). Bodybuilding.com was founded by Ryan Deluca back when he was an amateur bodybuilder and a web marketer who sold creatine supplements on his website called “Wholesale Creatine.com” after 2 years of success in selling Creatine, he bought the domain Bodybuilding.com for $20,000, by this time he was only 21 years old.

Since then Bodybuilding.com has grown large enough to have 2.7 million active users on Bodyspace, which happens to be its own fitness app. But it seems Bodybuilding has more Subscribers on YouTube where it boasts 5.5 million Subscribers compared to 2.7 million on Bodyspace.

Bodybuilding.com frequently posts great content on bodybuilding like training plans, motivational videos, science-backed fitness videos, and diet videos. They also have some pretty effective no equipment home workouts during this mentally exhausting Covid era.

If you want to learn everything related to muscle gain and maintenance, then we recommend you Bodybuilding.com.

3. POPSUGAR Fitness

Subscribers – 5.55 million

So if you ever envied the fitness of famous celebrities or models and want to know their secret then you should definitely check the POPSUGAR Fitness channel. They offer amazing workout sessions ranging from hip-hop dance classes to high-intensity interval training. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you’ll definitely find some good cardio workouts that will help you achieve your goal. POPSUGAR Fitness’s no-equipment cardio workout sessions (my favorite), will make you drip sweat without using any weights, exercise bands, or any other equipment.

They try to inspire their audience through fresh fitness tutorials, workouts, and exercise so that they can lead to a healthy and stress-free routine. They also feature celebrity trainers who make the workout seem fun.

2. Fitness Blender

Subscribers – 6.55 million

Fitness Blender is an online workout company which is run by personal trainers Kelli and Daniel Segars, they have started their channel in 2008. And since then they are dominating the fitness industry on YouTube, till now they have over 600 videos.

Their main goal to start this YouTube channel was to make health and fitness attainable and affordable. The best thing about them is that they offer almost everything for free, you just need to go to their website and filter workouts according to your needs. They don’t just guide their audience about the workout but also about meal plans, nutrition, and other fitness information.

Their workout ranges from 10-85 minutes long with different videos focusing on different goals, they offer videos for HIIT, pilates, body weight, and strength training.

1.Athlean X

Subscribers – 11.3 million

And for our last spot we have one of the most renowned fitness channels on YouTube aka AthleanX, AthleanX is owned by Jeff Cavaliere a celebrity Physical therapist, strength coach.

Jeff Cavaliere has a Master’s degree in Physical therapy and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist by NSCA who has served as the head physical therapist and Assistant strength coach for the New York Mets from 2006 to 2008. Jeff Cavaliere started AthleanX back in 2006 and as of today, it boasts 11.3 million subscribers and 1.78 billion views.

Lately, there have been rumors about Jeff using fake weights, but I think that the majority of his content is quite legit and effective since they helped me gain a better physique and finally get out of the 40kg bodyweight mark, pretty bad for a guy eh? I particularly like how he carefully explains correct posture for various exercises and gives many tips on how to get rid of pain and imbalances. His low back pain, knee pain, and ankle pain advice were really helpful.

There might be other good fitness channels out there, but I think that AthleanX is the best Fitness influencer out there on Instagram.

Author’s note.

And we’ve reached the end, but do note that other than these 5 YouTube fitness channels there are many other fitness channels that deserve to be on this top 5 list. But for now, these 5 YouTube channels will be more than enough for you, as they all offer almost every information that you’ll need to get fit.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to leave us a comment.



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