6 Gifts to Brighten a New Mom’s Day


Motherhood is a roller-coaster of emotions. A new mom can feel elated, terrified, thrilled and exhausted — all within just a few minutes. While those first days with a brand new baby can be some of the sweetest of a mother’s life, they’re also exhausting. So if you have a new mom in your life, now is the time to treat her.

Whether it’s with a birthstone or birth flower representing the new baby, or a home cooked meal she can heat up, there are tons of simple and sweet things you can give her. If you need some inspiration, here are our favorite gift ideas for the new mama in your life:

A Cozy Sweater

It’s always been a reality of motherhood that having a new little one means lots of time spent at home. And with the current pandemic, this is doubly true. For the new mom who is used to being on the go, she may need a little encouragement to change out of her favorite businessy blazer into something a little more comfortable. Why not help her settle into life with a new baby by gifting her the softest sweater you can find (or one you knit yourself).

A Bouquet of Flowers

New moms have their hands full, which means that their home may not be as well-kept as it was before Baby. Chances are Mom is missing the feeling of a nicely-organized (and nicely decorated) home. The good news is that even a small thing — like a bouquet of flowers on the table — can make a big difference. So why don’t you gift her a bouquet of her favorite blooms?

Some Indulgent Reading Material

With all the time spent feeding and rocking, Mom may find herself with some time on her hands for reading. But chances are that this isn’t the best time for her to dive into something that requires a lot of focus, like classic literature. We suggest you gift her a fun beach read, or even a pile of her favorite fashion magazines. (Plus a chocolate bar or two for good measure.)

A Meal Delivery Subscription

A new baby means there’s very little time to cook, and even less time to grocery shop. A meal kit subscription is perfect for a new mom, especially if it’s the kind where she can simply pop the pre-prepared food in the oven or microwave.

A Gift Certificate for a Massage

When Mom does get a short time out of the house and away from the new baby, make sure she spends it doing something that’s restorative. If she’s not into massages, what about a gift certificate for a manicure or a trip to the movies?

A Fruit Basket

A fruit basket is a classic gift for a reason. This gift let’s the recipient know that you want them to indulge and take care of themselves. How sweet is that? We’ve already talked about how new moms don’t have very much time. This means they may find themselves reaching for a quick snack like potato chips more often than they’d like to. By giving her a basket of fresh fruit, you make sure the new mom in your life has something nutritious to snack on.

When it comes to sending a gift to the new mom in your life, you want to get it right. But we promise, she’ll appreciate anything you send her. Most of the new gifts she’s received lately have been for the baby, so any package that arrives with her name on it instead is sure to make her smile.


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