6 Must-Know Ways to Save Money on Kids’ Toys


Children all over the world love to receive gifts. They may be provided for birthdays, Christmas or a host of other reasons. Toys are big business, too. The Americans spend most money on them, followed by the United Kingdom. Childrens’ toys are daily promoted on the television, and peer pressure can be powerful too. Kids often want to have the latest ‘thing’.

It’s not easy keeping a child happy and entertained at all times. Whilst toys can be part of the solution, few people have an unlimited budget. Not everyone can afford to buy the top names and latest gadgets. This article provides six keys to saving money on childrens’ toys. 

Check Online For Discounts

There are multitudes of different websites that feature childrens’ toys. Anyone who decides to follow this link will discover that there are sites providing members’ rewards, and offering coupons and promo codes. Many companies also offer free shipping or cashback deals.

Some people gain discounts on toys when they subscribe to newsletters. They can be a great way to be notified when there are shop clearances or sales. It’s even possible to download phone apps for some online shops. They can be really time saving.  

Promote Experiences Not Things

It’s great when parents explain to their kids that our possessions aren’t everything; they don’t necessarily make us happy. Whilst many children like to spend hours on their Ipads and games consoles, they often enjoy being taken outside into the sunshine – and into the real world.

Instead of paying $100 on a kids’ toy, why not take the family for a special trip instead. It might be something as simple as a visit to the local farm. Not only might this save you money, but the children may be delighted to feed lambs and to watch baby chicks.

It’s not always the most relaxing option, of course. Whilst it’s easy to leave a child to play with their gadgets, days out often involve energy. Some children will want to visit theme parks rather than enjoy nature. It will be worth the effort, however, because your kids will realize that memories can be more precious than toys. 

Buy Joint Gifts

It may not be expensive when a couple has only one child, but things get serious when they have several! Kids often have expensive tastes, and their treats often come in large boxes. If everyone avoids these and only gives small gifts to a child, they may not end up with what they really want. If something special costs $50 and it’s over your budget, involve another family member in the buying process. You will have saved money, and the child will be delighted with their present.

Sometimes couples are given joint gifts at Christmas. We can learn from that with our childrens’ gifts. If there are two brothers for example, why not buy a games console that they can share. For a cheaper option, buy some games they can both use. Not only will this save you money, but it will teach the children to be unselfish. 

Make Your Own

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ This principle can be applied to kids’ gifts as well as adults’. If you are good at arts or crafts, why not make something special for your child? It could be highly personalised, featuring their name, photo or hobbies. You might find some creative ideas on Pinterest.

It’s also possible to upload digital photos onto special websites, and have them printed onto things. Why not send a mug with the child’s face on, or a T-shirt with a print of their favourite hobby?

Alternatively, make the building of a treehouse or small garden plot the child’s present. This can become an exciting joint venture. You could both shop for the materials, and spend some quality time putting it all together. The child would then spend hours in the treehouse or enjoy watching the plants grow.

Buy Second Hand

Babies often outgrow their clothes very quickly. This means they may still be pristine if given to somebody else.  The same thing applies to kids’ possessions. Children may get bored of them quickly, or simply have too many toys at home. This means that if you buy secondhand items, they won’t necessarily be broken or scratched.

Second hand shops or antique shops often feature the words ‘trash and treasure.’ This means that one person’s discarded item may be priceless for someone else. In order to save money, why not visit charity shops or yard sales? The only time to be careful is when buying electrical items. Make sure they are safe before your child uses them.

The internet may also be able to help you. Check out Gumtree, Facebook groups or Ebay. There’s also Freecycle and the free section on CraigsList. 

Choose Your Moments

When people buy kids’ gifts at the last minute, they rarely make savings. This is certainly true of Christmas shopping. Why not have a present box in your home? You could shop all year and whenever you see a bargain, it could go there. It’s great when a busy person checks their present box and finds they already have what they need for someone. Another way to be organized is to not just put peoples’ birthdays on the calendar but to also put reminders several weeks beforehand. This will give you more time to secure the best deals.

January is a good time to buy cheap toys from Target or Walmart. The prices can sometimes be slashed by a half. Black Friday deals can also be exciting. The summer is often a good time for discounts because many kids are outdoors or away on holiday. When there are flash sales, make it a priority to look for bargains.

No doubt this article has given you some exciting ideas. Giving presents can be more fun this way, and you will have saved money in the process. More importantly, the child will treasure your gift for some time to come.


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