6 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Mom


As we approach mother’s day, you might be looking for a way to show your mom that you care. There are plenty of things you can do, both large and small, to show her that you are thinking about her. A lot of people think they have to do something extremely big to show gratitude, but that is in fact not true. The other thing to consider is how old you are. How you show gratitude towards your mom if you are still living at home and in school is going to be different than how someone shows gratitude who has their own family. Regardless, here are a few ideas if you are stumped and want to show your mom you love her.


Flowers are the go-to gift for showing someone that you are thinking about them. While they might seem a little generic at times, they are still greatly appreciated. If you want to take this gift a step further, you should take the time to get to know what flowers your mother loves. If you can get a bouquet filled with these flowers, you are guaranteed to win her over and make her happy. A blog post entitled 9 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day also mentions that if you are buying roses for her, you should lean towards pink roses as they are a symbol of appreciation. Most flower shops will also let you put a message on the bouquet making it that much more personal. Flowers are a great way to show your mom that you are thinking about her this year.

Spend a Day With Her

Whether you are old or young, ask yourself when the last time you really spent a day with your mother was. While you might engage in small talk here and there, we are often so caught up in our own daily lives that we don’t take the time to appreciate her. There are a few ways you can go about spending a day with your mother. The first is to just help her around the home and be with her during her various tasks. A day spent with your mom doesn’t have to be some extravagantly planned day.

Next, you can give her the choice of planning things out. Tell her you want to spend some time with her and you want her to come up with some ideas for the day. This will allow her to do things she enjoys while bringing you along with her. Finally, you can plan a surprise day for her. Make sure you find out what she likes beforehand so she actually enjoys what is planned out. Spending time with your mom means a lot, especially because she spent a lot of time with you when you were young to ensure you grew up responsibly.

Take Her to Her Favourite Restaurant

Sometimes we might want to go a little bit further with our sign of gratitude and taking your mom out for dinner is a great way to do this. Ask her where she would like to go and bring her along with you. You can even bring the rest of the family to and make it a mini celebration for her. She will love having everyone in one place and will greatly appreciate everything you did for her.

Make Her a Gift

This is great for people of all ages, but is especially great for if you are younger. Mothers are not materialistic people, especially when it comes to their children. They understand that the thought behind the gift is the most important thing and not what they are actually getting. In this regard, a homemade gift can be one of the most touching things you can give her as it shows that you aren’t just going to the store and throwing money at something you see. A homemade gift requires plenty of thought and allows you to also show off your own skills and passions. Your mother will genuinely love whatever you make and will proudly display it for everyone to see.

Give Her a Day Off

This is another great idea if you are still living at home with your mom. You might not realize it, but your mom does a ton of things around the home that are important to ensure your life is as easy as possible. Things like cleaning your room, cooking your food, and doing your laundry to name a few. Even for one day, taking the time to do these things yourself will help give her a break and allow her to relax. It will also show her that she is raising a responsible child and that will fill her with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Breakfast in Bed

One of the best ways to surprise someone is to give them breakfast in bed. This is a simple act, but is one of the best ways to show that you are actively thinking about them. There are many layers to a proper bed as a breakfast gift. First, you have to ensure that you are up before them so you can actually get them their breakfast while they are in bed.

Next, you have to take the time to cook and prepare everything just the way they like it. Finally, you have to present it at the perfect time. No one wants to be woken up early, even for breakfast, and no one wants to get back into bed just to eat. If you are able to nail all of this, you are going to create one of the best gifts ever for your mother and she will absolutely love it.

These are all ways in which you can show your mom that you truly care about her. Don’t get too caught up in fancy and expensive gifts as they are often not needed. A simple ‘I love you’ or ‘thank you for everything you did mom’ will go a long way towards making her day that much brighter. Time on Earth is limited, so don’t let loved ones slip away without taking the time to make beautiful memories. How do you plan on showing gratitude to your mom?


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