7 Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips


Post-pregnancy, you’re set to enjoy the busy and fast-paced lifestyle of being a new mother. And there is no wonder! Giving birth to a healthy, cute baby is the best gift you’ve ever received.  But the problem is the additional weight you have to deal with and try to lose! To achieve weight loss, you are consuming herbal tea, doing exercise and getting sleep, to name some.   But for more about these post-pregnancy weight loss tips, keep reading below.

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Losing weight with breastfeeding, is that possible?  For some moms, it is It all depends on certain factors, including how much calorie you’re taking in and how much of it you’re burning off. Nevertheless, breastfeeding can help burn calories to lose weight.

However, moms should not go on a low-calorie diet because it might affect breast milk’s quality. Talk to your doctor about it first.

As a general rule, do not try to lose weight fast if you’re breastfeeding or it might backfire on you and your baby.   With a fast weight loss technique, you might not produce enough milk.

Consider Belly Wrap

Why use a belly wrap? It helps in post-delivery recovery, helping you regain strength in your abdominal muscles so that they can return to their normal size fast. A belly wrap also improves comfort and builds confidence.

Don’t diet – eat well-balanced variety of foods

Skip diets!  They do not work or give permanent results. What will are healthy eating habits, and you just need commitment and consistency in keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Considering you also underwent a difficult feat in your life and now having pregnancy hormone withdrawal, your body is under stress and pressure. Do not consider dieting but eating well-balanced food varieties offering a host of nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals, both you and your baby needs.

Also, diets are often designed and built around deprivation, which would eventually just add stress to your body – and you don’t need it ever.

Some tips:

  • Do not stock junk food in the fridge: Experts agree that stressed individuals tend to eat more of it especially when sleep-deprived.
  • Fill your kitchen, pantry or refrigerator with fruits and vegetables, seafood, whole grains and meats. You should stock on yogurt, seeds and nuts, which can also be made into delicious but filling smoothies.
  • Have a food journal or diary to help you monitor food intake, activities and weight loss progress. Doing so, you will be mindful of what you’re doing and eating.
  • Do not skip breakfast.
  • Chew food slowly. Focusing on your meal, you will prevent overeating.
  • Choose low fat dairy products.
  • Opt for broiled or steamed rather than fried foods.
  • Eat up to six small meals – in between each meal is a healthy snack.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated, you will lose weight slowly but naturally.  You must also try drinking water before your meals to fill your stomach and prevent overeating that leads to bloating later.

Drinking herbal tea might help not only in weight loss but also in hormonal balance, emotional support, nursing support and pampering.

Get Moving With Baby

Start to get moving a little bit every day. It can be around the backyard, down the street, at the mall or at the grocery store. You can try strolling for 10 minutes or so depending on how your little one would like to keep up with it.

Alternatively, you might want to find a baby-friendly gym, which has a babysitting center, to help you lose weight.  It might also give you a little of your “me time” for a sauna or shower. Plus, it can make your workouts an indulgence and boost your mood.

Bottom line, you should focus first on basic exercises to avoid feeling too tired or injuring yourself.

Get Some Sleep

Yes, you should! If you want to lose weight naturally, you should carve out some shuteye time even if you’re right now propping your eyes wide open to stay awake and take care of your new baby.

Some mothers who get only five hours or less of sleep each night is likely to hold onto their additional post-pregnancy weight because they don’t get enough sleep.

What’s happening? Your body releases more cortisol when you’re sleep-deprived, promoting weight gain in the midsection.

Lower Stress Levels

As a new mother, you have a new set of pressures and responsibilities, which are stressing and overwhelming for you.  Stress levels affect weight loss, so you should manage it well.

You can try having some me time by asking your partner to take care of your baby. In addition, you can do those things, which you can enjoy and help you reduce stress.

While it is natural that you want to lose weight after pregnancy, it is not something to enter into lightly. You must consult your doctor prior to signing up with a weight loss plan, enrolling in a gym or undergoing a diet.

To start with post-pregnancy weight loss, follow the tips above and have a safe weight loss journey!