8 Benefits of Playing English Word Games


While some may debate that playing games are a waste of time, that is not the case for English word games. Word games have been around for a long time now, and they are the perfect mix of fun and learning. Not only do word games have educational benefits, but they can also help your overall health. No wonder so many people love playing these word games.

From simple word games like hangman to more complex ones like crosswords or scrabble, there is a world of exciting games to choose from. So, how can playing English word games help you? What benefits do they have exactly? Let’s find out below.

1. Build Your Vocabulary

Over time, word games can help boost your vocabulary. Every time you play a game, you get the chance to learn a new word to add to your dictionary. Of course, you want to learn this new word’s meaning and know how to use it in sentences. That is where your vocabulary starts to build, all while you are having fun playing a game.

One of the best games to improve your vocabulary is Scrabble. Loved by people of all ages, it is a fantastic mental workout and helps improve memory and cognitive capacity (more on that later on). If you feel yourself to be at a loss of words to create out of your scrambled letters, then consider checking out www.unscramble.me, a word unscrambler tool that will amaze you with the variety of valid words you could make from the scrambled letters.

2. Improve Spelling and Grammar

Along with learning new words, word games can help you improve your spelling and grammar. For example, a word search, crossword, scrabble, or boggle can all improve your spelling skills. These games require you to make different words with the correct spellings. That is the only way you can advance to the next levels in these word games. Therefore, they really encourage you to learn the correct spelling of all words.

Similarly, games like taboo or twenty questions can also help improve your grammar. So, if you want to keep building your vocabulary and improving your grammar and spelling, keep playing word games.

3. Improve Concentration

We have just seen how word games can help you overall improve your English language skills. But these games also play a huge role in brain development. That is because many word games require you to tackle different types of puzzles. You may need to find clues, solve brainteasers, and a lot more. These kinds of word games are very stimulating for the brain as they require intense focus.

The games challenge your intellect and require you to stay concentrated to complete whatever task is at hand. Therefore, the more you play and the more challenging it gets with each level, the more concentration you will need.

So, if you are looking to improve your attention span and concentration, find some exciting and challenging word games to involve yourself. Even playing a few hours a week can show significant results in the long run.

4. Improve Cognitive Ability

We have all heard the saying that your brain is just like any other muscle. The more you use it, the healthier it will be. A healthier brain helps you become better at carrying out various functions. For example, you can process information faster and remember things more easily. These functions are all part of your cognitive ability.

Your cognitive ability essentially measures your brain’s ability to think abstractly, reason, learn and solve problems.  Word games can help improve your cognitive ability, as they are exercising your brain.

Playing challenging and stimulating word games like scrabble and crosswords will be a great mental exercise that can make you a lot sharper,  but only if you do it regularly.

5. More Socializing

Many English word games require multiple players. Whether it is an online game or you have gathered your friends for game night at your place, word games help you socialize more. Playing word games with your loved ones can help strengthen your bond with them. They are an excellent way to get people together and have a good time.

All the socializing and bonding offers wonderful benefits for your mental health as well. For example, you might notice an improvement in your mood while being more relaxed.

Finding an online multiplayer word game is also a great way to meet new people and socialize. Making new friends and socializing with them can also help boost your mood and feel better mentally and physically.

6.Help Relieve Stress

Perhaps one of the most pressing issues in today’s modern, fast-paced world is that we are overworked and stressed. Stress affects so many of us, and sometimes, we do not even know it. Stress can harm your mental and physical health as well.

Playing a word game, whether it’s something light and fun or something extremely stimulating, can help you relieve stress. Word games demand your attention and concentration, thus allowing you to wind down and forget about your worries for a bit.

You will be too busy using your mind in the game rather than thinking about that presentation at work tomorrow.

7. Build Problem Solving Skills

English word games like crosswords and other word puzzles require considerable problem-solving skills. These types of games make you think outside of the box. Word puzzles demand good vocabulary and spelling and urge you to think more strategically and logically.

Plus, with better problem-solving skills comes more creativity. One has to devise different ways to get through a variety of language-based tasks. Sometimes, you will get stuck before arriving at the best solution.  That is where these games tickle your brain and help you improve your problem-solving abilities.

8. They Make You Happy

Yes, that is correct. Just like watching a fun TV show, engaging in a thrilling new book, or going out with your friends, playing a word game will make you happy. As long as you’re having fun playing any word game, your brain is going to trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural happiness hormones.

So, when you are playing a word game and crack that tough puzzle, you get a sense of satisfaction, which ultimately releases these happy hormones and endorphins

There you have it. Unlike other games you will spend your time and money on for no good reason, word games have a plethora of benefits. From improving your grammar and vocabulary to boosting your cognitive abilities and overall mental health, word games have enough reasons for you to take them up as your new spare time activity.


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