Advices on How to Easily Clean Up After Your Kids


Kids are Fun and Messy.

Being a stay-at-home parent is more than cooking meals and running errands. Those who decide to make parenting a full-time job will soon notice that a good percentage of time is spent cleaning up after their children. To make things easier on yourself try to make sure that everything in your home has its own special place for storage. So as not to turn the fun moments spent with your children into sour memories, offer your kids a fair warning that clean-up is about to happen, then give them a specific time of when it will take place and stick to your schedule so that they learn to be disciplined from you setting the example.

Make Cleaning Up Fast and Easy by Hiring Help.

Make sure not to make clean up a long, drawn-out process for you or the kids. Doing so will only harbor resentment. Before getting started, go on the internet and search for informative blogs that offer straightforward tips on how to clean up your humble abode. For instance, if you can afford to do so, reminds readers that the most obvious thing to do is hire a professional cleaning service. This will free up your schedule by taking clean-up time off of your to-do list of chores. Hiring professional cleaners to do a regular weekly cleaning will give you a much-needed and welcome break. If you can afford to hire a professional cleaning service for a monthly deep clean, you would be well advised to do so, because it will free up time for you to spend with loved ones rather than on your hands and knees scrubbing away crayon marks on walls.

Communicate Clearly with Children Before, During and After Clean-Up.

Communication, as always, is key, if you want to keep things flowing efficiently and as pleasant as possible under the circumstances. After giving fair warning and setting a specific time frame for clean-up, make sure that your children understand that the issue of tidying up the place is not up for debate by speaking clearly and ensuring that your request is not interpreted as a question. By specifying exactly which item you wish for them to put away, you will not only show your child how to be helpful and productive but also teach them language skills by identifying objects using proper nouns and verbs to describe the actions they will be taking with those objects. By talking to your child, rather than talking down to them you will build camaraderie and respect which in turn will make clean-up time fast and easy.

Use Bins to Sort and Store Objects.

Bins can be used to assign anything in your house to its appropriate bin. Bins can also be used as a learning tool and to instill discipline in children by encouraging them to clean up after themselves. You can start by labeling bins with pictures for children who don’t know how to read yet so that they know specifically where things go when it is time to clean up. With multicolored bins that come in all shapes and sizes, you can make clean-up fun by assigning certain toys to specific colored bins which will make clean-up less overwhelming and more fun for both you and your children. Keep extra bins on hand for when unexpected company arrives and you need to do a hasty house cleanup. You can also keep a bin next to the stairs so that you can toss items in, throughout the day, that need to go up or downstairs as you work and play. At the end of the day, after the kids are put to sleep in bed, take one trip with the bins at the bottom and top of the stairs, to deliver everything where it all fits into place.

Clean up Spills as Quickly as Possible.

Finally, it goes without saying that the faster you clean up spills the safer your area will be and the less sticky your floor will be as well. Cleaning up spills immediately also lowers the chance that stains will develop on your furniture or in the carpet or throw rug. Always keep paper towels handy. Last but not least, use a combination of half-water, half-vinegar, and a bit of baking soda, if there’s a foul odor left behind, to get it out.

In conclusion, taking time to learn how to clean up after your kids, with your children, will turn the messy process into a fun learning experience for everyone involved.


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