Amazing Tips To Help Your Kids Have Healthy Teeth


We all know how important proper oral hygiene and care are to protecting our pearly whites. Even with knowing how important it is, I’m sure we can all remember being younger and running away when it was time to brush our teeth. The same can be said for most children. It’s something most if not all parents struggle to teach their kids.

It’s okay though there are ways that you can teach them and help them understand why having healthy teeth are important. Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases that affect children and can lead to long-term deterioration of the teeth. Having your child visit a dentist regularly is a big part of teaching them proper oral care but something that’s often overlooked. As seen on Gorgeous Smiles Dental there are a lot of great dental care options for children. Getting them comfortable with both at-home and professional appointment care can really help with lifetime habits. 

Start teaching them early on so that they can incorporate healthy habits into their lives and also help you and later on them avoid hefty dental bills. 

Tips To Help Your Kid Have Healthy Teeth:

It can be tough at first to get your kids into good dental care but starting early on, developing a routine, and having a good bit of patience can set them up for a lifetime of healthy dental habits. Here are a few tips to get your kids started on a healthy teeth journey: 

Brush and Floss Regularly 

Brushing and flossing are crucial parts of a healthy good dental routine. Teaching your kids the importance of this sets the foundation for their own routine. You can use props to show them how to do it which will make the experience more fun. You can also demonstrate yourself. Have them with you when you brush and floss. This will show them that it is a normal thing they should be doing. Kids are very receptive and pick up on social and life skills by watching the people around them. Use this tactic to get them into not only doing but enjoying brushing and flossing. You can get colorful toothpaste for them (non-fluoride) and floss. Have them start brushing once they are old enough not to swallow the toothpaste and begin flossing when their teeth start to touch. 

Get Them A Special ToothBrush. 

Get your child their own special toothbrush; one that is colorful and fun. They will be more interested in brushing if their toothbrush is something bright to catch their eye and even better if it has their favorite character or animal on it. Make it fun for them. The toothbrush should be suited to them. Find something good for small hands and even spinning ones or ones that light up and play music. All of this helps them to enjoy the process more. 

Give Rewards For Good Habits

Creating a rewards system will help with getting them to be more involved with their dental hygiene. They’ll associate doing a good job with a reward. You can give them stickers, little healthy treats, or a fun activity afterward. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something they really like or get excited about, it’ll help you get better results and cooperation. 

Use Interactive Resources 

Use interactive tools to help you get the message across. You can watch videos, play songs and read books all about proper oral hygiene. These methods will get their attention and have them actively participating. Even better is if you can find these resources with their favorite characters. 

Regularly Set Dental Appointments

Set regular dental appointments every three to six months. This will be another part of teaching your children a healthy oral care routine early on. Make sure your dentist is one that really connects with children and makes the appointment. They will definitely want to go back and even look forward to it. Reward them as well. Take them for their favorite food, on a walk, or any other outing that they enjoy.

Helping your kids to develop proper oral hygiene now might take a bit of time and patience but can set them on the road to having healthy teeth for years to come. You will also help them to avoid any issues with other oral diseases that can affect both the teeth and gums. Having a healthy mouth and beautiful help with boosting confidence and having a healthy self-esteem. Make it fun and they will definitely want to be involved. Healthy habits make for healthy kids.


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