Are Trench Coats Making a Comeback? Here’s Why You Should Consider One



Trench coats still seem to be more than just a trend. No matter the year, season, or country, trench coats remain a mainstay in both men’s and women’s wardrobes, whether it’s the vegan leather trench coat or the cotton staple. Are trench coats making a comeback? They never left! To start wearing this incredible fashion trend, you need to pick out a style that’s right for you.

What is a Trench Coat?

Trench coats are described as three-quarter length coats that were designed to keep your clothes safe from winter, rain, and grime. There are full-on trench coats that have sheepskin liner for the winter, but the more classic styles are raincoats, a bit thin and formless.

Most of the original details remain from initial trench coats, which were used in war. The epaulets and D-rings, a relic from the past, are still there despite the fact they don’t hold ammunition. However, the storm flats are still handy for rain, even though they were initially used to soften rifle recoil. In a sense, the trench coat was 20th-century armor.

While trench coats are warm, they’ll keep you dry. If you want to add some extra warmth, buy a double-breasted cut or find a jacket with a liner sewn inside.

Why You Need a Trench Coat

The trench coat is highly versatile and comes in short, long, lined, unlined, cotton, or wool, poplin, or khaki. I could go on. Nowadays, the trench with the added waterproof lining and the fewer classic details are more fashionable than they ever were. Except, the original trench coat never seems to go away despite updates from designers and fast-fashion shops.

Trench coats won’t go away because the design works. Big, burly coats aren’t as needed as they used to be since most of us spend our time going to and from heated cars and buildings. They’re also great layering pieces, so a trench coat can be as warm or as light as you want.

This fashion piece will likely stay until the end of time, but if you ever get bored, you can start adding finer details to your outwear like scarves, pins, belts, or pocket neckerchiefs. 

Key Trench Coat Brands

Iconic Burberry Trench Coats

It’s impossible to talk about trench coats and not mention the iconic Burberry trench coat. Their coats come in three fits – classic and slim, easier layering, and relaxed. Luxury wear by Burberry is also recognized by the Burberry Check, which is what lines all of their jackets and scarves.

The Definitive Trench Coat by Aquascutum

If you’ve seen Bogart’s trench coat in Casablanca, then you’ve seen the definitive Aquascutum trench coat. Aquascutum’s trench coats will make your frame more box-like, but their oversized design is classic and very old Hollywood. In addition, their checkered lining sets them apart.

Marks & Spencer’s Staple Piece

You can immediately see the difference between a traditional trench coat and Marks & Spencer’s variety. The cotton and polyester blend for the coat makes it comfortable and waterproof. Its breathable cotton will ensure you don’t get too hot and stay cool in the spring.

Mackintosh’s Detective Trench Coat

No relation to Apple computers, yet this Mackintosh brand carries its name on its own. With multiple versions available, including one without the storm flaps or epaulets, you can stay comfortable and trendy. Thanks to its cut, you’ll have a more refined, streamlined look. 

Mad Men Inspired John Lewis Coat

It’s hard not to immediately think of Mad Men when you see the John Lewis trench coat, as it eases style with 50’s era masculinity. While it skirts the edge of what’s considered a trench, it’s a style that can be comfortably worn by men with broad shoulders and broader hips.

The Alternative Trench by Zara

Decently priced and different to the point of being trench coat-like, Zara’s trench has concealed fastenings, comes oversized, padded, quilted, extra-long, belt-less waxed, and everything in between. You can rock any look you want with Zara’s trench, which may appeal to alternatives.


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