Baby Colic – How to choose the right one?


Everyone loves their baby and wants to keep them always happy. However, at times your baby will cry so much that you don’t know what to do and if you notice during their ear-shattering cries, their face will turn red, they have clenched their fists tightly. In these situations, you will do everything to comfort your baby but it will not stop the heartbreaking episode of your carrying baby. If you are wondering what this situation is, then let me tell you it’s colic. This term may be new for most of us but here in this blog, we will discuss everything about colic, its symptoms and how it ends and the colic formula that you can give to your baby.

What Exactly Is Colic?

Every baby cries and this cry can be the only way by which your baby can communicate with you. However, colic is the situation when your baby can start crying without any reason and you cannot do anything to make them stop. Don’t get confused colic is not a disease, it is the condition of baffling behavior of your baby. The period of colic can last for hours and can start at any time. Think of the situation when your baby starts crying in the middle of the late and even after trying every trick to calm your baby you fail then it can be stressful to you as a parent.

Child pediatricians can diagnose the crying of the baby based on some rules to decide whether your baby is colic. These rules are: does the crying of your baby last for at least three hours or more or do this crying remain there for three weeks or more.

How does Colic differ from Normal Crying?

There is no accurate differentiation between these two, but doctors suggest that colic babies are really inconsolable while you can comfort the baby who is normally crying. Colic baby can cry for at least more than two hours, but if the baby is crying normally, then you can comfort them within the minimum time only. The period of colic can occur anytime with no reason but when talking about normally crying babies they cry only when they are hungry or when their diapers are dirty.

When Does Colic Start?

If you are thinking about what age the colic starts, then there is no certain timeline of it. However, the study and research tell that colic starts when your baby is either 2 or 3-week-old or is of 6 weeks and after 10 or 12 weeks it will start reducing. The colic in your baby will gradually stop when your baby is 3-month-old.

Symptoms of Colic

Being a parent it’s your job to understand when your baby is colic as you are the one who spends the most time with them. You are the one who notices there each move and change in the behavior. If you see these symptoms in your baby, then you can say that your baby is colic:

  • Your baby starts crying at the same time (be it afternoon or evening) every day without any fail.
  • There is no reason behind the crying of your baby.
  • While crying your baby might move their legs and hand very much and sometimes, they even clench their fists tightly.
  • The bowel activity of your baby may increase and even they may pass gas.
  • Your baby will close and open their tiny eyes often, and can even furrow their eyebrows.

Causes of Colic

No doctor can solve the mystery why exactly the colic occurs in babies however some main reasons are:

  • When babies are born, they can sleep without being disturbed by the outside environment but as the babies grow, they become sensitive to the environment around them and these overstimulated senses can make your baby confused and they start crying.
  • Sometimes improper digestion of the baby can be responsible for the colic. If the food is passing too quickly or is not breaking down in your baby’s stomach then it can result in the pain and this pain eventually can be expressed by the baby in the form of crying.
  • Food allergies are also responsible for colic. When your child has an allergy to milk or has lactose intolerance, then they also start crying.

There is no proper remedy for the colic but doctors are saying to watch the activity of your baby closely and even you have to see what you are feeding them. You can use the colic formula to feed your baby. That’s why you can give proper nutrients to your baby in the form baby formula. While choosing the best colic formula for babies you need to research properly which colic formula will be best for your baby. You even have to consult the doctor before buying a colic formula for your kid as they know which colic will be best for your baby.


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