Best Baby Carriers To Make Things Easier For You


For most mommies and daddies, carriers are one of the most helpful baby gears they can’t live without. The ability to carry your baby and at the same time free your hands and move without restrictions is definitely a dream come true. Moreover, research shows that more physical contact with the baby stimulates the release of oxytocin – aka the ‘love hormone’ which benefits her overall health. Certainly, a tool that lets you carry your baby with ease would mean more of these love hormones!

Top 10 Baby Carriers of 2018 Reviewed

More and more baby carriers are manufactured each day. This is the downside because it means choosing the best baby carriers are relatively harder now. Great thing, there are just a few factors that should help you decide which one is best for your baby. Check out the following baby carriers which are rated the best in their class.

1. Boba Wrap, Grey, 0-36 Months

Boba Wrap, Grey, 0-36 Months

Made from stretchy material (95% cotton 5% spandex), the Boba Wrap features an easy front and infant tying styles which is ideal for breastfeeding. This carrier comfortably holds babies from birth up to 35 pounds.

2. Baby Wrap Carrier by Little Bear

Baby Wrap Carrier by Little Bear

This baby wrap is ergonomically designed to give full support and comfort to you and your baby. It’s made from cottony soft, breathable material that is machine-washable. What’s more. It can be used as a nursing cover, blanket and tummy time playmat!

3. Ergo Baby Carrier by CuddleBug

Ergo Baby Carrier by CuddleBug

This ergonomic baby carrier is made from a proprietary blend of French Terry Cotton and Spandex. Multifunctional – the CuddleBug can also be used as a nursing cover and a postpartum belt. It has heat-regulating properties to keep your baby warm in winter and cool during summer.

4. Kangarouse 6-Position Soft Carrier

Kangarouse 6-Position Soft Carrier

The Kangarouse Baby Carrier lets you do six carrying positions for more freedom and comfort. This machine-washable soft carrier comes with a neck pillow, safety harness, drool pads, hood and zippered pocket. It also features a breathable air panel to prevent overheating.

5. Ergonomic Baby Hip Seat Carrier

Ergonomic Baby Hip Seat Carrier

The ergonomic baby hit seat carrier features an adjustable waistband that comfortably holds babies of different sizes and shapes (adjusts up to 48.8”/124cm). It also provides back support and foldable head support and an easy quick-tie buckle. This carrier is made from organic cotton and soft polyester fabric.

6. Mo+m Fashion Convertible Baby Carrier

Mo+m Fashion Convertible Baby Carrier

The Mo+m Convertible carrier features an interchangeable panel that comes with different designs, vented mesh window that allows ventilation on your little one’s back, knee to knee ergonomic support, and a zipper pocket and sippie/bottle pocket.

7. 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier
360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier

Perfect for newborns and older babies, this 6-position 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier has plenty of features to ensure your child’s comfort, from lumbar support to zippered pocket, generous padding and headrest.

8. Kinmbra 360 Ergonomic Baby & Children Carrier

Kinmbra 360 Ergonomic Baby & Children Carrier

Accommodates up to 6 carrying positions, the Kimbra 360 Ergonomic Carrier provides lower back support with wide wraparound waistband, along with an extra padded shoulder straps that help evenly distribute your baby’s weight.

9. Tula Ergonomic Carrier

Tula Ergonomic Carrier

This super comfortable carrier features an ergonomic design to provide better comfort and support for you and your baby. Tula Ergonomic Carrier has adjustable shoulder straps that adapt to your growing child.

10. Soft Structured Sling Ergonomic Soft Carrier

Soft Structured Sling Ergonomic Soft Carrier

This 6-position Soft-structured Carrier features breathable mesh hood, dual adjustments, generous padding, large cargo pocket, and 3-way adjustable straps, among others. It’s made from 100% cotton for maximum comfort.

How to Choose A Baby Carrier

Now we’ve come to the best part – getting to know the best carriers for babies. What should you look for? What type best fits your child? Here’s a detailed guide that will surely help you choose the right one.


There are four basic types of carriers:

  • Wrap – a long piece of fabric that wraps around your baby. Best for newborns but can be used for older babies too. Use it if you want a versatile carrier and don’t mind taking time to learn how to use it.
  • Mei-Tai – a cross between a soft-structured carrier and a wrap. It comes with four straps attached to the main body of the carrier which can be tied in different ways to secure the baby. Great for newborn through preschool age. Choose this type if you prefer the functionality of a wrap but prefer buckles over tying knots.
  • Soft-structured carrier – looks like a backpack with padded straps and buckles. Great for newborn through preschool age. Use it if you prefer carrying an infant on your back, and if you’re wearing your baby for long periods of time and in a variety of positions.
  • Baby Backpack – a carrier with a metal frame. Used for older babies or toddlers. Use it if you need to carry your baby for extended periods of time and you want a sturdy carrier. Great for hiking and long walks too.


Now that you know the different types of carriers, you should be able to streamline your search based on your needs and personal preference. The next thing you need to consider is whether the carrier suits the weather condition in your area. For instance, wraps might be a little warm and constricting in hot weathers as they are typically made from thick fabrics. For the summer season, you might prefer a ring sling with breathable fabric. The best baby carriers have mesh or cool air options.

Versatility is an important function

Newer versions of baby carriers are capable of holding your baby in different positions. This is a feature worth checking because as your baby grows, the most comfortable position for her might change.

Baby’s safety is a must

Last but certainly not the least, make sure that the carrier will safely secure your baby. When shopping around, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How secure is your baby in the carrier?
  • Does it provide head and neck support, especially for younger infants?
  • Does it hold the baby in an ergonomically correct way (supporting the hips and spine)?
  • Is the carrier made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic fabrics and materials?

Your comfort matters too

You want a carrier that will give the best of comfort to your little one. But you also want the one which will give you comfort too. The best baby carriers are easy to use, from securing your baby to getting him in place and adjusting his positions.

By taking into account these factors, you should be able to find the best baby carrier in no time!