Best Baby Floor Seats To Provide Support And Comfort For Your Baby


As much as you can, you want to stay beside your baby all the time. Cuddle him, play with him, wrap him around your arms, and just be there to keep him safe and sound. But sometimes, you really have to put the kid down for a minute or two just so you could wash your face, pick up the phone, or prepare a cup of coffee. By all means – a super parent like you deserves a break! And when your toddler is too old for a bouncy seat and yet still too young to sit unsupported, you might find yourself in the market for the best baby floor seats.

While these seats are not a requirement and don’t really help a baby learn how to sit, they offer a comfortable support for their vulnerable back and soft bones. Plus, a baby floor seat is a convenient and helpful tool for you too!

Top 10 Baby Sitting Chairs of 2020 Reviewed

Floor seats for babies are specially designed gears that have specific qualities and features. If you’re shopping around for the best baby floor seats, you may want to check these out.

1. Infant Safe Sitting Chair

Infant Safe Sitting Chair

This very cute and fluffy floor seat puts your baby in a plush, comfy environment in an upright seating position. It comes with an attached bottom which prevents your baby from sliding onto the floor.

2. Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe SuperSeat

Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe SuperSeat

The Summer Infant Superseat supports the three seating stages of your child, from infanthood to toddlerhood and even when he becomes ready for a regular chair. The soft foam insert comfortably secures your child once he can already hold his head high unassisted. It also features a 360-degree rotating tray for playtime. This seat easily converts into a booster seat which he can use when he grows.

3. Lecent Safe Sitting Chair Protectors

Lecent Safe Sitting Chair Protectors

Made from a combination of cotton and polyester – the Lecent Safe Floor Seat wraps and supports your baby in a plush comfort! It comes with toy attachment hoops which are perfect for fun playtime.

4. Prince Lionheart Baby Seat

Prince Lionheart Baby Seat

Made entirely from cushiony foam, the Prince Lionheart Baby Seat comes with removable pommel that perfectly fits between your baby’s legs, providing support and comfort. It also comes with an adjustable tray, placemat, and a toy for entertainment.

5. Bumbo Floor Seat

Bumbo Floor Seat

Bumbo Floor Seat features a durable, low-density foam and soft, contoured seat that is easy to clean. It comes with a three-point harness to prevent your baby from falling forward. Because it’s lightweight, you can take it along for family picnics and outdoor adventures.

6. Summer Infant Deluxe Superseat

Summer Infant Deluxe Superseat

Made from a combination of polyester, vinyl, and plastic – Summer Infant makes a sturdy and comfortable floor seat for your baby. It features a floor seat, support positioner, and a booster seat in one! Comes with three-point harness too.

7. Mamas and Papas Baby Snug and Activity Tray

Mamas and Papas Baby Snug and Activity Tray

This floor seat is ergonomically designed floor seat provides back support and comfort to your baby and features an extra wide base for greater stability. It comes with a play tray and 8 interactive toys, including a teether and a rattle.

8. BUDSIA Jumbo Baby Floor Seat

BUDSIA Jumbo Baby Floor Seat

The BUDSIA Jumbo Baby Floor Seat for babies has a contoured design that supports proper posture. It features high backrest for more stability and comfort.

9. Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

The Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat features a removable and machine washable seat pad, and two linkable toys that encourage your baby to sit up and play. It easily folds into one compact item that’s ready to take along as you go.

10. Willcome Sunshade Baby Float Seat

Willcome Sunshade Baby Float Seat

The Willcome Sunshade Float Seat is made from soft PVC that is eco-friendly and safe. This car-shaped boat features a comfortable seat and secure sides.

How to Choose A Baby Floor Seat

When buying a baby floor seat, there are some factors you need to consider. These include the features, safety requirements, leg positioning and support, quality, and of course – comfort levels.

Features to Watch Out

Depending on how you’d like to utilize the baby floor seat, there are features that you can and can’t do without. The best baby floor seats come with safety harness to ensure that the baby is tucked in securely even if he makes some movements. Some floor seats include a tray for feeding. Others even have play music, built-in lights, and a removable activity tray to keep the baby entertained. You may want to choose the floor seat which is lightweight and portable as you may have to put down your kid in different parts of the house, not just in the nursery. Moreover, shop around for the floor seats that don’t have a lot of nooks or crannies so no small pieces or crumbs could fall and get trapped between them, making cleaning easy and convenient.

Safety Features

What makes the safest baby floor seats? When shopping around, remember to check for the following safety features:

  • Flat Sitting Surface

You want a baby floor seat that is always propped up and doesn’t have a tendency to tip backward. Look for baby seats that have a nice flat sitting surface so your baby doesn’t tip when he leans back too far.

  • Arm Support

The best baby floor seats allow your baby to move their hands freely and rest them down at their sides. Your baby’s arms should never get stuck in the seat. Modern versions feature an ergonomic design that supports proper posture from the head through the arms and down to the legs, making every minute in the seat comfy for your kiddo.

  • Leg positioning and support

Ergonomically designed baby floor seats allow your baby’s legs to spread out evenly. This is the healthiest and safest position for your baby.

Seat Quality

The next thing to check is the seat quality. Your baby floor seat must be comprised of non-toxic materials. Do examine for durability. You want a floor seat that will last and can still be used for your next child.


Lastly, the floor seat should be comfortable for your baby. He might spend some time sitting on it each day so you need to make sure you get the one which features a high level of safety and comfort for your child.

Baby floor seats are nice to have at home. A good-quality seat lets your baby comfortably relax and snug into it securely. At the same time, it gives you some time and freedom to tend to other things while not worrying about your little one. But of course, there are several factors that you have to keep in mind when shopping for a baby floor seat. Hope this buying guide will make your purchase easy and stress-free!