Best Kids’ Room Decor Ideas that are Cool


The surroundings in which children live could significantly impact how they grow and develop, so parents should always try to make their children’s living spaces as comfortable and fun as possible. Sleeping in a bed that looks like a pirate ship or a princess chariot is going to fill a child’s life with countless hours of joy.

Arguments could be made for and against kids’ room ideas. Surely they all look pretty cool, but how safe would the children’s room be with ladders, ropes, and strange out-of-place edges? There are many opportunities for kids to hurt themselves depending on the age and how much they like to horse around. So certain room decor designs may not be implemented for everyone. As much as we love rendering for our children, spoiling them is also a bad idea.

Decorating your kid’s bedroom could be quite a task, particularly if they constantly go back and forth on their preferred theme. You will need space that will be long-lasting and not something you will be required to redo in a few years.

Space could be designed that will grow with a child with minimal effort. You can browse through these decorating ideas that you can easily tackle yourself.

1.  Turn drawings into wall art

You can consider turning your child’s art into frame pieces for their bedroom instead of buying wall art. All you should do is buy similar frames in different sizes for creating a unique gallery wall that you will be proud of showing off to friends and family. Also, you can easily for both the frames and use a photo printing shop in your locality for turning the artwork into individual canvases.

2.  A custom portrait of your child

You can also get custom canvas prints that are uniquely yours in your child’s bedroom for the moment you need to share with them. Canvaspop’s custom and high-quality canvas prints are guaranteed for standing the test of time.

How does it work?

  • Upload and customize

To get started, all you are required to do is upload your image, and almost every image size will work. You can also choose from one of the suggested sizes, edge or frame options, and get your print uniquely.

  • Previewing your print

You will receive a mail with a free digital print proof for approval after the designers have finished creating your print preview.

  • Delivered to you with care.

The rest would be taken care of by canvaspop, and your Canvas Print will be handcrafted and delivered to you in just a few days.

3.  Easy Geometric design

Small black triangles are good and use a difference in crest white walls. You could achieve it with the stencil, or if a less permanent option is required, wall decals could also be used. Toy storage is not required to have to be boring either. The collection of your child’s toy could double as decor on a wall or floating shelves.

4.  DIY t-shirt headboard

Don’t discard the old t-shirts that your child has outgrown but still ll you can repurpose those favorite t-shirts into a headboard showing off their personality or making them into DIY pillows.

5.  Little ballerina

Your lovely dancer deserves space as valuable as she is. Custom graphic wall art is inspired by this little girl’s delicate look to hang the ballet outfit and shoes. A monochromatic color scheme with subtitle accent colors could be chosen to allow for versatility as your little one gets older.

6.  Skateboards as artwork

You can also incorporate your tween’s beloved hobby into their room design. A row of skateboards above the headboard could add fund dimensions and patterns to this boy’s bedroom, or you can also create a state board clock.

7.  Coral + Turquoise

Considering a chic and timeless color palette will grow with your child while choosing a nursery design. Coral and Turquoise paired with shimmery gold accents would make a great choice for a little girl’s room. One more option is monogrammed wall art as it is cute and a classic edition that will be lasting long after the baby stage.

8. Stylish storage

Keeping the clutter to a minimum with toys and blankets tucked away in cute and patterned storage containers will complement the room’s decor.

9. Reading Nook

Reading could be made a fun activity that your child looks ahead to, and you can provide them with a cozy spot for enjoying their books. Designating a reading corner, constructing a teepee, and providing fluffy cushions and their favorite stuffed animals.

10. Cool cars

If your child loves cause, you can free sports car posters and hang them above the headboard and around the room. Also, keep the walls, furnishing, and bedding neutral in case the car trend dies out. You can easily replace wall art for changing the theme.

11. Multicolor washi tape

Multiple colors of washi tape would also be used for creating a fun, chevron-inspired design as an accent wall in your kid’s room. It is a less stable way of adding color and pattern to space.

12. Wild for watermelon

Hot pink is a bold color choice for decoration, but blending it in a softer shade such as mint green will help tone down the brightness. A watermelon throw pillow inspired by the color palette of the room of your little girl’s bedroom is a great idea to be implemented. For continuing the theme, watermelon deckers could also be added for embellishing the plain white walls.

13. Aspiring artist

You should let your child’s creativity soar by painting the walls with chalkboard paint if your child loves to draw. The vast Canvas will allow them to show off their creativity and change their artwork at any time.

14. Beautiful butterflies

A wall with a colorful accent and butterfly print measures will perfectly align with the bedding in a general bedroom. You can stick with the simple color palette and don’t overdo it if all the walls were covered with the butterfly wallpaper; that design will be appearing very visually busy.

15. Go nautical

There is something very delightful about the coastal bedroom, and it is not leaving out of style very soon. It is a perfect look for your family beach house, and you should be searching thrift stores and local home decor stores for finding nautical theme accessories for completing the look.


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