Best Watches for Boys and Girls in 2020


Children live in the moment – something that we adults have forgotten to do as we slowly became more focused on what the future will bring. However, this enviable trait does come with a drawback – losing track of time. Of course, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. But if you’re ready to teach your children the value of time as well as enable them to stick to their schedules, then giving them a watch is a great first step. Naturally, there are a lot of options with a variety of features which means finding the right one won’t be an easy task. If you have a deadline to meet and need to get your kid a watch ASAP, no need to waste time looking. We’ve got just the list for you – the 10 watches for kids.

5 Best Watches For Boys:

Timex Boys Time Machines

This Timex Time Machines Watch is a great option for boys for many reasons, one of which is the fact that there are several cool designs to choose from – camo, black and blue, flames, and more. The watch features a chronograph, alarm, and timer as well as an easy-to-read display. The nylon strap is adjustable and washable. And there’s even an indigo night-light which any kid would find cool. Plus, the watch comes with a free Timex Time Machine app to help your child learn how to tell time. The watch itself is water resistant up to 100 feet or 30 meters so even if your little one gets it in his head to splash water on it, the watch will be safe. However, it isn’t suitable for bathing or swimming so make sure to remind your kid to remove it for those kinds of activities. Also, some of the features – stopwatch, timer, and alarm – are not intuitive. Plus, the buttons are a little stiff and hard to push for some kids.

  • many designs to choose from
  • Adjustable and washable strap
  • indigo night-light
  • some features are not intuitive
  • buttons are a little stiff
  • not waterproof

Timex Kids My First Outdoors Watch

Timex has another great watch for kids, boys in particular. The My First Outdoors Watch features an adjustable and washable nylon strap, a durable metal case with brushed finish, and a scratch-resistant mineral glass. Like the other Timex watch on our list, this one is also water resistant up to 30 meters. And it also has an easy-to-read display. However, this watch is an analog one which may not be something that your kid will like. Plus, newer versions of this watch no longer have the indiglo night-light. In addition, changing the battery is not easy; you may have to get a professional to do it which will cost more than the watch itself.

  • easy-to-read display
  • scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • adjustable and washable nylon strap
  • analog watch
  • no night-light
  • difficult to replace the battery

Cofuo Kids Sports Digital

If you’re looking for a waterproof watch for your little boy, then the Cofuo Kids Digital Watch is a good choice. It is water resistant up to 50m which means your kid can wear it while showering or swimming. The sports watch’s design is incredibly cool. The strap is made of high quality Germany imported PU resin – soft, comfortable, and eco-friendly. The watch also comes with a calendar, dual time display, alarm, EL backlight display, and a stopwatch. There’s even an analog and digital display that will help your kids learn how to tell time using both kinds. However, the instructions that come with the watch aren’t clear and can be quite hard to follow. And the watch is a bit too big for kids younger than 6 years old.

  • waterproof
  • feature rich
  • analog and digital
  • instructions are hard to understand
  • may be too big for little kids

DC Comics Batman Kids’ Time-Teacher

What boy doesn’t love Batman, right? We love this Time Teacher watch because it’s Batman themed. And because it’s a great tool for teaching your kid how to tell time the analog way. The hour and minute hands are labeled and there are even numbers to help him remember how to count minutes. The strap is comfortable and adjustable. Plus, the watch has been tested and proven non-toxic, non-hazardous, and safe for kids. However, the strap may easily get broken. The watch can also get easily scratched. And it’s not water resistant.

  • great for teaching time
  • safe for kids
  • Batman-themed
  • can get easily scratched
  • strap may break
  • not water resistant

LEGO Quartz Plastic Watch

This LEGO Quartz Plastic Watch is Star Wars themed which is already awesome. But what makes it a cut above the rest is the fact that it is a buildable watch. The watch comes with multi-coloured, interchangeable watch links (plus an extra 12) so your kid can customize it according to his style. The analog display is easy to read. The acrylic lens is scratch resistant. And the watch is water resistant to 5ATM. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty as well as a Darth Vader figurine. However, the watch does tend to come apart easily if your kid is quite active. It’s also not that easy for little kids to put on and off.

  • buildable watch
  • scratch resistant lens
  • Darth Vader figurine
  • easily comes apart
  • not easy to put on or off for little kids

5 Best Watches For Girls:

Timex Girls Time Machines

Timex also offers little girls watches in their Time Machines series. This analog watch makes it easy to teach your little princess how to tell time with its labeled hands as well as minute markers. The dial is easy to read with its large display. The elastic fabric strap is quite comfortable on the wrist. It’s also removable and washable. And the watch itself is water resistant to 30m. However, it doesn’t have the Indiglo night-light feature. The lens scratches easily. And the minute markers are 0 to 30 then 30 to 0 (how many minutes left until the next hour. It does not count 0 to 60 which is easier when teaching a beginner.

  • great for teaching time
  • elastic fabric strap
  • water resistant
  • scratches easily
  • no Indiglo feature
  • minute markers are not 0 to 60

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Dx

If your little girl wants something better than your average digital watch, then this smartwatch from VTech will do the trick. The Kidizoom Smartwatch DX is packed with a whole host of features such as a camera, 8 built-in games with the option to download more, digital and analog displays, a calendar, and a calculator. The watch also has a motion sensor and 3 action challenges. However, the games may be too boring for older kids (8 and above). Battery life is a bit short, requiring you to charge it every 2 to 3 days. Also, it doesn’t come with an AC adapter.

  • feature rich
  • digital and analog displays
  • includes a camera
  • no AC adapter included
  • short battery life
  • might not be interesting for older kids

Timex Girls T79081 My First Easy Reader Watch

This Timex Girls watch is the perfect gift for your little lady. The Easy Reader Watch features an easy-to-read analog display (hence the name), an all-metal case, and a scratch resistant mineral glass lens. The watch is also waterproof up to 30m. The strap is pink and made of synthetic leather. However, it no longer comes with an Indiglo backlight like in older versions. The strap is a bit stiff and needs breaking in.

  • classic design
  • easy to read
  • durable
  • strap is a bit stiff
  • no Indiglo feature
  • synthetic leather

Azland Sports Watch

This is an excellent sports watch for active girls (designs are also available for boys). It comes with LED lights, a stopwatch function, a calendar (displays day, week, and month), an alarm, and a chime that goes off every hour. The watch is water resistant up to 100 feet, perfect for swimming or taking a shower. Plus, the rubber strap is extremely flexible and feels comfortable on the wrist. However, setting up the watch and using some of the features isn’t easy. And the instructions were difficult to understand. Also, the lens can get easily scratched.

  • flexible strap
  • backlight
  • water resistant up to 100 ft.
  • instructions are hard to understand
  • tricky to set up
  • easily scratched

Disney Girl’s Quartz Metal and Rubber Watch

This Disney watch is another great tool to teach your princess how to tell time. The hands are labeled and the minute markers range from 0 to 60. The rubber strap is comfortable and easy to adjust. The watch itself has been tested and proven safe for kids. Plus, the box it comes in is pretty cute. However, this is not water resistant at all. And some users have reported that the minute markers faded a bit after several uses. Also, it does not have a backlight.

  • non-toxic
  • great for beginners
  • Disney-themed
  • not water resistant
  • minute markers may fade after a while
  • no backlight

Kids’ Watches Buying Guide:

A watch is a great gift for any kid. It’s a way for them to learn how to tell time as well as keep to a schedule. Not only that, a watch can help a kid establish his own style and identity. And then there are all the other features that most watches have these days such as stopwatch, timer, alarm, time/date, night light, compass, and even GPS tracking. With so many features available, it’s safe to say that any kid who gets a watch is going to love it. Of course, not just any ole watch will do. Because all kids are different, you’re going to need to make sure that you get the right one, not just the popular one. If you’re not sure where or how to start looking, our in-depth buying guide below should be able to help.

What type of watch for kids should I get?

There are 4 kinds of watches for kids – analog, digital, sports, and smartwatches. The type of watch your kid will like will depend on several factors including age and lifestyle.

Analog: like the good ole watches of yesteryear, this type of watch has a clock-face design. They typically have large numbers to make them easier to read with a minute hand, an hour hand, and possibly a second hand. This classic design is often a great tool for teaching little kids how to tell time. The Timex Kids My First Outdoors Watch is a good example of an analog watch.

Digital: this type of watch displays time using numerical digits instead of hands moving around the clock. A digital watch often includes features such as an alarm, timer, stopwatch, calendar, and LED backlighting. A few digital watches even include an analog display. A lot of kids nowadays are more comfortable learning to tell time using this type of watch because they are growing up in a digital age. The Timex Boys Time Machines is a good example of a digital watch for kids.

Sports: A sports watch can be an analog, digital, or combination of both. What sets it apart from other types of watches is their ruggedness and durability. This type of watch is specifically designed to withstand the abuse caused by an active lifestyle. Some of the features often seen in a sports watch for kids include waterproof, shock absorption, and stopwatch function. The Azland Sports Watch and the Cofuo Kids Sports Digital are two great options if you’re looking for a sports watch for your kid, whether a boy or a girl.

Smart Watch: this is the type of watch that is ideal for the tech-savvy kid in your family. It’s not just an ordinary watch. It has some of the functions you’d often find in a smartphone such as built-in apps, cameras, a touchscreen, and customizable analog/digital displays. Aside from helping a child learn how to keep time, the watch can be used for entertainment, especially since some of them like the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Dx allow you to even download apps. Some smartwatches also include the ability to make and receive calls as well as GPS tracking, enabling parents to stay in touch with their kids wherever they may be.

What features should I consider?

Marked hour and minute hands: if you want your kid to learn using an analog type of watch, you should consider getting one that has clear labels which will enable him or her to pick up reading time much more easily. The Disney Girl’s Quartz Metal and Rubber Watch, for example, has clear labels on both hands as well as minute markers to help the child count out the minutes.

Dual analog and digital displays: with a dual display, the child is able to easily compare the two and understand their differences. It is also a useful feature especially if the child is having difficulty understanding the concept of analog time but has been exposed to digital time displays. The Cofuo Kids Sports Digital is the only one on our list with a dual display.

Backlight: it’s not really a deal breaker if a watch isn’t able to light up in the dark at the press of a button though it is practical. However, it is a feature that many children (even adults) enjoy. The Azland Sports Watch is a good option if you want a watch that features LED lighting.

Water resistance: kids often forget stuff so it shouldn’t surprise parents if they end up wearing their watch in the bath or shower. Any watch for kids should have at least some level of water resistance because at some point, it will become exposed to moisture, even if it’s just through handwashing. The Timex Kids My First Outdoors Watch, for example, is water resistant up to 30m or 100ft.

How do I choose a watch for my kid?

Age: While a watch with all the bells and whistles may seem like the ideal choice for a little kid (all those buttons to push), it’s best to go with a simple analog watch with a colorful design. The simplicity of the watch will enable them to be less confused with all the other features and help them pick up the basics of telling time much easier. Plus, these basic watches often have colorful themes that appeal to young children.

Older kids, on the other hand, will appreciate having more features on hand such as the ability to set an alarm or timer. A smart watch can be suitable to both older and younger kids. However, you will need to check the features, design, and even the technology used in the smart watch in order to determine if it is a good choice for your kid. For example, the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Dx is more suitable to little kids ages 4 to 6 because the built-in games are too easy and boring for older ones (ages 7 and above).

Lifestyle: The day-to-day activity of your kid is another thing you need to consider when choosing a watch. Active children will need something quite durable, able to withstand the rough and tumble of physical activity. This means choosing a sports watch because of its ruggedness, durability, shock absorption, and high level of water resistance.

Durability: We’ve already touched upon this a bit when talking about lifestyle. But you must admit that children are often energetic and enthusiastic which can lead to scratches and scrapes, or worse. What that means is that any watch is bound to get caught on something, banged on something, etc. Naturally, you might feel tempted to just get a cheap watch that can be easily replaced. However, it will still cost you quite a bit in the long run. Make sure to choose a good quality watch that can last your child a year or two, at the very least.

Style/Design Preference: Watches for kids come in all sorts of designs. Just like adults, children use watches to keep time as well as a fashion statement. When choosing a watch for your kid, you’ll need to consider his/her age and interest. Younger children will love the LEGO Quartz Plastic Watch but older kids might find it too childish. They may be more interested in the more “developed” designs offered by the Timex Boys Time Machines. Older children, specifically tweens and teens, may be more open to classic designs such as the Timex Girls T79081 My First Easy Reader Watch. To avoid outright rejection, it would be best to check reviews in order to determine what age group a particular watch belongs to. You might also want to consider including the older children in the selection process to ensure approval.