Best Weighted Blankets for Cozy Nights – 2020 models


Weighted blankets are becoming quite popular. Not only are they used to soothe the anxiety of autistic children, they are now used to reduce anxiety, stress, and insomnia in adults. Now, choosing a weighted blanket isn’t complicated. However, there are factors you’ll need to consider to make sure you get the right one for you. If you don’t have time to delve deeper into the world of weighted blankets, you can check out the best ones in our list below.

Quility Weighted Blanket

Best weighted blanket for adults

This is the most popular weighted blanket in the market. And we can see why. It comes in a variety of weights, ranging from 5lbs to 25lbs which makes it suitable for children and adults. The blanket features 100% cotton fabric that’s breathable, keeping you cool in the summer. The cover is polyester which makes it warmer to use in the winter. Aside from that, the blanket also has glass beads inserted into small polyester pockets to keep them evenly distributed. Polyester padding on top and below the glass beads makes it even more comfortable to use. Weighted inserts are also included to keep the blanket in place. Plus, the manufacturer offers 100% satisfaction guarantee which means you get a full refund if you’re not happy with the blanket. However, it does get a bit hot under the blanket with the cover on. And putting the blanket inside the cover isn’t easy.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • soft to touch
  • wide range of weights
  • can get quite hot with the cover on
  • hard to put the cover on

ZonLi Weighted Blanket

Best weighted blanket for restless legs

The ZonLi Weighted Blanket is quite similar to our previous picks. It is made of 100% cotton and uses glass beads as the weight. The manufacturer uses a high-density machine to ensure that the stitches remain, preventing leakage. And the manufacturer also offers a 3-years replacement policy. You have 9 different weights and sizes to choose from. One highlight that must simply be mentioned is the fact that this weighted blanket is machine washable. However, we did notice that the squares or pockets in the blanket are a bit too large, causing the beads to move around and settle at the sides which creates uneven distribution of weight. Also, some users reported receiving blankets a bit smaller than what was stated on the package. Plus, it can get a bit warm in the summer.

  • 100% cotton
  • 3-years replacement policy
  • machine-washable blanket
  • the beads tend to bunch up in the pockets
  • size tends to run a bit small
  • can get too hot to use in the summer

Premium Weighted Blanket

Best weighted blanket for summer

The Calmforter Premium Weighted Blanket also uses glass beads as its weights. But that’s not why we like it. The ultra-luxurious minky fabric cover is where our hearts are at. This fabric feels silky on one side while the other side features a unique SensaCool System that maintains a cooling airspace between your body and the blanket. In addition, this unique feature increases pressure therapy, making you feel even more relaxed. The beads themselves are not something you’ll see in most other weighted blankets. They’re glass, yes, but incredibly small that you won’t feel them at all and they’re pretty quiet even as you move the blanket around. The blanket comes with a duvet cover unlike some of our other picks. And it doesn’t have visible pocket stitches because it’s hidden inside. Plus, you get to choose from 7 color options. However, it only comes in one size and one weight – 60″ x 80″ and 12lbs. It is also a bit pricier compared to other blankets. In addition, tying the blanket to the cover isn’t easy.

  • even weight distribution
  • SensaCool System
  • very comfortable
  • pricey
  • only one size and weight available
  • hard to tie the blanket to the cover

CuteKing Weighted Blanket

Unlike many weighted blankets, the CuteKing Weighted blanket only offers three weight options – 15, 20, and 25 pounds so this is only ideal for teenagers and adults. This quilted blanket uses high density cotton fabric with a thin, internal cotton padding for added comfort and breathability. We like the fact that the compartments in this weighted blanket are smaller for better weight distribution. Plus, it comes in 8 different sizes, ranging from twin beds to king sized beds. Plus, the blanket itself is machine-washable. However, the duvet cover is not included. Some users have reported that the seams in their blanket have pulled apart a little after some use which causes the beads to leak out.

  • machine-washable
  • very breathable; keeps you cool
  • lots of sizes available
  • only three weight options
  • duvet cover not included
  • seams may not be durable

Weighted Idea Cotton Weighted Blanket

Best weighted blanket for couples

The Weighted Idea Cotton Weighted Blanket is another blanket that has its duvet cover is sold separately. There are 9 weights to choose from, ranging between 5lbs to 25lbs. There are also 8 sizes, including three sizes for a king sized bed. Unlike most other blankets we’ve come across, this one uses food-grade polypropylene pellets. That doesn’t mean anything bad though. In fact, a lot of users (us included) didn’t feel the difference between glass beads and the pellets. What we did feel was that it felt very comfortable and soft. While the fabric used is cotton, some users have reported feeling hot and sweaty under the blanket. Also, the blanket is dry clean only which makes life a bit more difficult for those who do not pay extra for the cover.

  • variety of sizes and weights available
  • comfortable and soft
  • hypoallergenic, non-toxic pellets
  • no duvet cover included
  • dry clean only
  • can get quite hot

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket 2.0

The Hypnoser 2.0 can be used as a children’s weighted blanket as well as for adults, with its weights ranging from 5lbs to 20lbs, in 2-5 pound increments.  The blanket features small diamond pockets (the smallest we’ve found, in fact) filled with glass beads for even weight distribution. The fabric is hypoallergenic, 100% breathable cotton. And the entire blanket is machine-washable. Plus, most of the beads are concentrated on the middle of the blanket to ensure that most of the weight is applied to the body than on your bed. However, there is no duvet cover included. Also, a few beads may leak here and there which is not what we expected considering the price.

  • hypoallergenic cotton
  • small diamond pockets
  • machine-washable
  • no duvet cover included
  • may leak beads after some use
  • a bit pricey

Harkla Weighted Blanket

Best weighted blanket for autism

The Harkla Weighted Blanket comes in six weight options – 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds. Nothing we haven’t seen before. However, to make their blankets extremely cozy, Harkla has also included fluffy cotton stuffing with the beads to create a more blanket-like feel. This is also a sensory blanket with its minky, dotted fabric. And it is sold with a duvet cover which is soft and fleece-like. As an added bonus, this blanket comes with a lifetime guarantee. There are drawbacks though. The Harkla is quite expensive. Some users have experienced some off-gassing when the blanket is first unpacked though it doesn’t last long.

  • fluffy cotton stuffing
  • lifetime guarantee
  • Sensory blanket
  • expensive
  • off-gassing

Kpblis Weighted Blanket

The Kpblis weighted blanket 2.0 features soft 100% cotton fabric and eco-friendly glass beads. While it only has three color options, the blanket does come in a range of weights, from 10lbs to 22lbs. Plus, it is backed with a 5-year warranty. However, the blanket is not machine-washable. It doesn’t come with a duvet cover. And it can get very hot.

  • 5-year warranty
  • 100% soft cotton fabric
  • wide range of weights
  • hand wash only
  • no duvet cover included

YnM Weighted Blanket

This is another weighted blanket that comes with a satisfaction guarantee. However, as an added bonus, it also features a 3-year warranty. The blanket has 7 layers with an outer fabric made of 100% cotton and fiber fill layers for added comfort. Glass beads are placed in pockets for even distribution of weight. This 7-layer system was specifically designed to be more breathable compared to other weighted blankets (and yes, it is) and to form to your shape as you sleep. There are 10 weights to choose from, ranging between 5 and 25lbs. Even better, the manufacturer also offers a customizable duvet cover which includes breathable cotton, cooling bamboo, and ultra-soft & warm minky fabric. However, there is a smell that comes off the blanket when initially unpacked. It does go away after a bit of airing for a few days. The blanket is dry clean only. Also, some users have complained about the beads in their blanket shifting around. In addition, without the cover, the fabric of the blanket seems to attract all sorts of hair (human and pet) and every piece of lint.

  • Customized duvet cover
  • 10 weights to choose from
  • Satisfaction guarantee + 3-year warranty
  • Dry clean only
  • Catches all types of hair and lint
  • Beads may shift around

Weighted Blanket Buying Guide:

So, you want to buy a weighted blanket. Should be easy, right? After all, it’s just a blanket that has some extra weight in it. Nothing complicated. While that is certainly true, one weighted blanket isn’t the same as another. There are several factors that you’ll need to consider before you make your purchase.

How does a weighted blanket work anyway?

As we’ve already mentioned, a weighted blanket is one that has extra weight. That extra weight is used to apply deep touch pressure (DTP) to the body in order to increase the release of serotonin and dopamine. These are neurotransmitters (chemicals) that promotes relaxation. It also helps the body produce more melatonin which helps you sleep at night and reduces your cortisol levels. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. With reduced levels, you’re less likely to feel anxious as well as sleep poorly. While there have been studies conducted on the efficacy of weighted blankets in decreasing anxiety and promoting calmness, it is not extensive enough to be taken as fact. However, plenty of people do attest to the improved quality of their sleep due to its use.

Can anyone use a weighted blanket?

Unfortunately not. Weighted blankets are not designed to be used by everyone. In fact, there are certain groups of people who should never use one. For example, children under the age of 8 are not allowed to use weighted blankets unless recommended by his or her pediatrician due to the possible risk to their safety. The child may not be able to easily remove the blanket when necessary. The same applies for the elderly, particularly those with limited strength. Other groups of people who should not use a weighted blanket without the recommendation of a health professional are those with cardiovascular or respiratory problems.

What size do I need?

There are different sizes of weighted blankets such as the twin, full, and queen. However, these are not like your regular blanket sizes because they are not intended to cover your entire bed and hang down on the sides. This is because the blanket may slide off the bed due to the weight whenever you shift around. The >Quility Weighted Blanket comes in 4 different sizes for you to choose from – two sizes for a twin bed and two sizes for a queen bed.

What weight should I get?

Weighted blankets can range from 5 to 30 lbs, usually in 5-pound increments. The rule of thumb is that your weighted blanket should only be 10% of your body weight, give or take 1 to 2 lbs. For example, a 120-pound person should get a blanket that’s weighs 12 to 14 lbs. While you can choose something lighter or heavier than the recommended weight, the same cannot be said for children. Also, it is recommended that you stick with a lighter blanket if your child is heavy for his age. Never choose a weighted blanket that your child will “grow into.” Take note that, generally, the higher the weight of a blanket, the bigger the size will be. The >YnM Weighted Blanket allows you to choose between different weights, ranging from 5lbs to 25lbs.

What type of fabric does a weighted blanket have?

Weighted blankets can be made of a variety of fabrics such as linen, cotton, minky dotted fabric, charcoal flannel, and soft fleece. It’s all a matter of preference. Individuals with sensory issues can even request for a fabric that feels rough, satiny, fleecy, etc. Some blankets will even feature moisture-wicking fabric padding to help you sleep cooler despite the weight.

Color and design are also a matter of preference. Most pre-made blankets come in neutral colors while custom ones can include patterns that are pleasing to children and adults. The >Premium Weighted Blanket, for example, comes in 7 different colors/designs.


What makes the weight in the blanket?

A weighted blanket can have a variety of fills. These include glass beads, sand, plastic pellets, and rice. There are no “best” fills. Choosing one is mostly a matter of preference. However, glass beads and plastic pellets are generally a better option due to their even weight and the fact that they make the blanket easier to wash. The >CuteKing Weighted Blanket, for example, uses 100% glass beads.

Is the blanket quilted or baffled?

In order for the “weights” to be distributed evenly, the blanket should have boxes or quilted baffles. Any weighted blanket that is sold without one should be avoided.

Is the blanket in one piece or duvet style?

A lot of weighted blankets are difficult to wash and dry due to the type of fabric and weights used. Some can only be dry cleaned. This is why some manufacturers offer duvet-style blankets which are essentially the weighted blanket plus a cover. This cover protects the blanket from any dirt, fluids, body oils, etc. Whenever you need to clean it, you can simply take the cover off and wash it. Just take note that not all weighted blankets are sold along with their covers. You may have to buy them separately.

One last note…

As the name already implies, these blankets can be quite heavy which can make it quite cumbersome to move around. It’s also not something that you’ll want to leave lying around in the presence of children or small pets. Also, these blankets aren’t cheap (generally between $100 to $300). Shipping one to you is going to cost quite a bit as well due to the weight. That doesn’t mean you should go for a really cheap one. Low-priced weighted blankets generally don’t last long.