Boobie Trap Bingo


Pull up a chair and play a game of Boobie Trap Bingo with me! Which of the following have you overcome?

Why not open the bingo card in paint, and then circle the boobie traps you have overcome. Now you can display your bingo card on your Facebook profile, blog or Pinterest page! Many people assume that when a woman breastfeeds for longer than a few weeks, she ‘must have had it easy’. For most breastfeeding mothers however, this is NOT the case. So why not let everyone see how strong you are.
Update: Apparently the phrase “booby traps” has been trade marked by the ‘Best For Babies Foundation’, so whenever anyone uses the phrase in connection for breastfeeding, they have to credit them, or something. Their founder contacted me to say so:
“We LOVE your Boobie Trap Bingo game idea and we were thrilled to see it 🙂 Boopy Traps is a term we trademarked in the U.S. in connection with breastfeeding because it’s a sound bite that sums up the trouble with breastfeeding perfectly. Will you consider adding some language to your game crediting BFB which will indicate that your use of the term is not a stand-alone but a part of something much bigger, uniting all moms internationally under one banner, so that we continue to create trust among consumers, raise awareness in the mainstream about this cause, and elevate it to the level of the March of Dimes, St. Judes, (Red), etc.
Thanks so much”

No probs.