Cleaning Products That Are A Must-Have If You Want To Ensure Safety


A clean space is a must not only for you to impress your guests. Apparently, your health may also depend on it.

Because if your home is cluttered and isn’t well-cleaned, it will only serve as a nursery for bacteria and other viruses, especially these days. If you don’t clean your home enough, the viruses and bacteria will only make rounds in your home, making the members of your household sick frequently.

For that reason, you need to make sure that your home is always spotlessly clean. And there’s no way to do that other than by using the right cleaning products.

If you want to know if you’re cleaning your home right with the correct products, here are some products that you need to get to know better.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Every corner of your home can harbor various types of bacteria and viruses. And each of them may require different products, so you can eliminate them for good. There are mold and mildew cleaners, food stain removers, grease removers, etc.

And if you were to buy each of them to deal with every dirt, grime, germs, and viruses on your home, well, you might need to spend more money on different products. Not to mention, they can take up more storage space.

Luckily, there are now multipurpose cleaners. As its name suggests, you can use it for various cleaning purposes. No matter what stain or bacteria you need to deal with in your home, this kind of cleaning product can solve all your problems without spending too much on different cleaning items.

With just one powerful product, you can easily deal with different types of dirt and stains in your home.

Multi-Surface Cleaner

A lot of people often mistake multi-purpose cleaners with multi-surface cleaners. It’s understandable, though, as, at first glance, it’s easy to think that the former is just a synonym for the other.

It turns out, they’re different. An all in one multi surface cleaner is actually used to clean multiple types of stains and dirt on various surfaces. This means, you can use it to clean wood, plastics, metals, and other materials, depending on its formula. And you can use it without damaging the surface.

Multi-purpose cleaners, on the other hand, are for eliminating different types of stains and dirt. But they aren’t ideal to use for certain surfaces as they could cause damages. In fact, some multi-purpose cleaners may leave unwanted stains on certain areas. It may stain wood, cause metal surfaces to rust easily, etc.

Regardless, this helps lift the dirt from the surface. Just make sure that what you’re using is safe to use on the surface you’re cleaning to not cause damage to its appearance.


Abrasives are a type of cleaning product that helps you get rid of dirt by rubbing. They have more texture, so when they rub against the surface, it’s easier to get through every nook and cranny and brush off the dirt.

Some of the great examples of abrasives are silica, feldspar, quartz, marble, volcanic ash, pumice, rottenstone, and whiting. Steelwool, sandpaper, and nylon meshes are also considered abrasives.

The downside, though, is that they can cause scratches on surfaces. Steelwool, for instance, can help you remove hard stains on your pans.

However, they don’t usually leave the surface of your pans as smooth as they were before. Unfortunately, they will scratch your belongings and might affect their look.

On top of that, they will only leave your items looking dull and rough. Eventually, it will only get dirtier as stains can get into those scratches and would be harder to reach.


Acids are one of the strongest cleaning products you will love and hate at the same time. The good news is that it is good for removing hard water deposits, iron rust stains, and discoloration.

The downside, though, is that they’re a bit scary to use. This is because they can cause harm to your skin, eyes, and even lungs. In fact, strong acids can even eat away leather, certain types of metals, as well as your clothing. 

They may be good at removing tough stains, but always be cautious when using them. Use protective gear like masks, gloves, and goggles if you need to.


Alkalies are yet another good type of cleaning product. It’s very effective in removing dirt. And the best part of that is you won’t even need to spend a lot of time and effort scrubbing the surfaces of your home only to get rid of the stains and dirt.

Sometimes, all you need is to spray or sprinkle them (depending on their type) on the problematic surface you have, and, voila! Your concerns are already addressed in no time without worrying about scrubbing excessively.

Despite that, they still are strong and could cause damages to your health. So, when handling alkalies, make sure to carefully follow the handling, storage, and disposal instructions that come with them. This way, you’re not only safe from germs in your home, but you can also keep your kids and fur babies safe.


Sanitizers are often misused and sometimes overlooked. Just because people think that they already have cleaners doesn’t mean they don’t need sanitizers either.

Unless its packaging says so, some sanitizers should still be used after cleaning. This is because some cleaners only lift the dirt and debris from the surface. But, they don’t always provide enough sanitation to keep you safe from diseases.

So, after you clean the surfaces in your home with cleansers, make sure to use disinfectants too to kill germs and viruses.

Home-Made Solutions

Sometimes, you don’t need to look further to find good cleaning products to ensure your safety, as you can simply turn to your kitchen for some cleaning solutions. White vinegar, for instance, has many uses for cleaning. Baking soda is good too.

A clean home can affect your mind and body. So, always make sure to get only the best cleaning products for you to keep your home comfortable.


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