DIY Arts and Crafts You Can Enjoy With Your Kids


Parents and children can always benefit from various activities they can do together. It is a time when they can spend quality time together and bond to get closer, especially as children are growing up. To make your time more productive, there are various activities you can do that will make your time more valuable. Instead of some casual play, you can engage your children in DIY crafts and arts and produce some items they can use for play or everyday activity. 

These activities can keep them out of boredom and develop their creativity and other skills. 

Make Your Own Shirt

Shirt-making is another activity that children can do with their parents. There are different ways you can make artistic shirts. One common way is to do tie-dye, where you tie the shirt with string and dip them in the different colored water. There are also available iron-on stickers that they can choose in different art shops. Just select a plain shirt and assist the children in ironing the design they have chosen. Children can also design their shirts through their art. Choose designs they have created and have them printed on shirts and other garments. Different online shops accept custom designs similar to the services offered by T-Shirt printing supplier, MeowPrint T-Shirt Printing, where you can choose a design you like or send one you have at home. Kids would certainly appreciate wearing their art or the shirt they have designed themselves. 

Paper Art

There are a lot of arts and crafts children can easily do with lots of colored paper and glue. One of the easiest they can do is customs cards where they can make art and write messages to people on their special days like birthdays and holidays. Children can cut out different characters and animals using basic shapes. Doing these can enhance their motor skills as well as they use scissors and fit pieces together to form the picture they want to create. They can also make other papercrafts, including bookmarks and paper folding. Aside from that, they can make other art of paper, including painting and sketching using various coloring materials from crayons to wet paints. Parents can hang or put their art on display to boost their confidence in making art. 

Edible Art

A lot of children like playing in the kitchen every time they see their parents cooking or baking. To satisfy their curiosity and keep their interest in cooking and baking, you can make unique food that is both fun and delicious. One great example is an edible spoon where the basic ingredients are flour, baking powder, milk, and sugar. You can use a spoon to mold and shape the flour. Put the edible spoon in the oven and bake it for 15 minutes or until they have hardened. Prepare different dips with chocolate and sprinkle. The children can also use the spoon to eat their ice cream or other desserts. They will surely enjoy using a spoon they can use to scoop their food then eat afterward. 

Toy Organizers

Teaching while playing is a great strategy for stilling important values to children. Make a toy organizer by upcycling old containers or boxes at home and have kids decorate them by gluing old toys or stickers on it, or painting it with different colors and designs. Let them assign sets of toys for that box to help them become organized and tidy. This can motivate them more to keep their things on their proper shelves. Label the boxes too to help them with their letters and reading. Not only for toys, but you can also use their customized organizers for their books, clothes, and other things. 

Cardboard Games

Big discarded cardboards from your appliances can become an opportunity for you to build toys. There are a lot of games you can create with large boxes, including a bowling alley, golf holes, or other arcade games. The mechanisms and designs can be searched online, but you can start on a box that has a hole in the middle. The children can start shooting smaller balls on the hole, and those who make the most will win. With bigger kids, you can challenge them to invent a cardboard box game using basic materials like scissors, scotch tape, and glue, and watch as their creativity and innovation will emerge. 

DIY and art projects can be an opportunity for both parents and children to enjoy each other’s company while honing their skills and creativity. This activity is both educational and fun and can keep them on their toes for a few hours. There are so many things they can learn throughout the process, which makes the time spent on creating these valuable. 


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