Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Workout Clothes


When you decide to work out and start a healthy routine, it’s important to consider the clothes and shoes you’re going to wear. The right clothes can be a game-changer to your exercise routine. If you pick just any t-shirt and shorts and head to the gym, you might find yourself spending a lot of time trying to tuck your t-shirt in or struggling to perform certain exercises. Or, your t-shirt might soak up all the sweat and leave you feeling irritated and uncomfortable, causing you to wrap up the workout earlier than intended.

Some items of clothing might even cause injury. However, if you choose the right clothes for your workouts, you will be able to perform all sorts of exercises without worrying about straining your muscles or any complications that might happen because of your poor choice of clothing. Before you go to the gym, make sure that your workout gear and clothes allow you to move freely and comfortably. If you’re not sure what to wear, here are some expert tips to help you choose the right workout clothes.  

Type of Fabric 

Most of the workout looks you see in movies or online are just for show and are not practical. When you go shopping, make sure that you look for the right fabrics. Avoid 100% cotton t-shirts as they can cause irritations. 100% cotton shirts absorb moisture easily, which can cause many problems to your skin or you might feel cold right after exercising. Stay with shirts, shorts, socks, and pants made of dry-fit to ensure that you don’t become soaked with sweat after a long workout session. If you sweat a lot, choose clothes that are made of polyester or nylon. Synthetic clothes dry quickly and are considered the perfect choice for intense workouts. 

The Right Sports Bra

If you believe that any bra that matches your workout clothes can be a good fit, you’re wrong. A proper sports bra is vital when exercising because it minimizes breast movement. Sports bras are crafted to make your workout more comfortable and prevent soreness, pain, and sagging. Doing light exercise or yoga without a good sports bra can damage your muscle tissue. When shopping for the ideal sports bra, you will find that they come in three levels of support: low, medium, and high. The experts at Evolve Fit Wear recommend choosing one that’s tighter than your everyday bra, but not too tight so you would feel comfortable wearing it for several hours. Choose the level of support you want based on the type of exercise you usually do. Light support sports bras are a good choice for yoga, walking, and strength training. On the other hand, medium support is for skiing, road cycling, or light hiking, whereas high support is ideal for running, cardio, mountain biking, or high-intensity workouts. 

There are also three types: compression bras, encapsulation, and combination, which is a mix between compression and encapsulation. Compression sports bras work by compressing breasts against the chest to limit their movement; they usually provide light or medium support. Encapsulation bras have individual cups and each cup supports and surrounds each breast. Combination, encapsulation, and compression sports bra are mainly made for high support. 


Considering your location and where you’re going to workout is vital. If you’re going to go for a run, you have to ensure that your clothes are not too light or too heavy. Feeling too cold or too hot will affect your results in the long run (and on your long run) and might cause muscle problems. In winter, make sure that you wear the proper jacket and leggings to protect your lungs and legs from the cold. The cold air can be harsh on your body, so ensure that your head and mouth are covered. Some people believe that their body will heat up once they start running so they choose light clothes, but that can cause serious problems to the respiration system and you might catch a cold. That’s why it’s essential to avoid any risks and ensure that you’re wearing proper clothes for the weather.

You should be cautious in summer as well. When you go for a walk in the hot weather, make sure to cover your head and don’t wear heavy clothes. Wearing a jacket or heavy clothes in summer might cause dehydration, which can increase the chances of heat stroke and, in the worst-case scenario, can induce a stroke. Always check the weather before you exercise outside and dress accordingly. 


Just like the weather, colors can affect your workout results. The color of your clothes doesn’t only affect your physical workout progress but can also have a psychological effect on you. It’s not enough to wear black clothes in winter and light clothes in summer. The colors will depend on your type of body. First, you should know that each shade attracts a certain amount of light, which affects your overall body temperature. If you regularly sweat more than most people, it’s better to stick with light colors, such as white, yellow, or pink, even in cold weather. If you want to sweat more to lose more weight, you should pick black or other dark colors while exercising as that color will absorb heat. However, it’s usually preferable to always stick with light colors. 

Bright shades can have a positive mental effect on your workout routine and boost your mood. Red is known to increase your heart rate, which is ideal for intense workouts as it will improve your metabolism. Neutral tones are usually for yoga and light exercises as they provide a sense of calmness. So choose the color of your workout clothes carefully as they can have a significant effect on your workout routine. 

Deciding to start a healthy routine that includes exercising or running is a huge step, so you have to make sure that you’re prepared for it. With the right workout gear and clothes, you can reduce or even eliminate your risk of injury and skin problems. Buy your workout clothes according to the type of exercise you’re planning to do. Are you into yoga? Light workouts? Intense workouts and cardio? Running? Knowing what you’re going to do will allow you to know what clothes to get and which ones to avoid. Stick to clothes that fit you well; a smaller or larger size can leave you unable to continue your routine. Wearing the right clothes while exercising will motivate you to keep working out, and you will be able to see results faster than expected. 


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