Fun And Easy Activities That You Can Do With Your Kids 


It is every parent’s dream to have a good and enjoyable relationship with their kids. Those who don’t want to spoil their kids with the internet and loads of games, videos, and apps on the iPad have to be creative. With us parents working 24/7, some useful tips are a breath of fresh air. We are happy to share a few fun and easy activities that you can do with your kids.

Activities for Different Ages

To keep things simple, below you will find various indoor and outdoor activities. Each group is based on the age of the child because we’re well-aware that kids of different ages have different interests. Therefore, we sincerely hope that you will find something of interest for your kid to keep that positive energy flowing.

Activities for 2 to 5 Years Old

As you’ve probably guessed already, these activities would be for kids aged from 2 to 5 years of age. A quick reminder to all new parents, it is the age for A LOT of emotions and questions, constant games, moving, and thinking.


To boost your child’s coordination, you have plenty of fun activities and games to choose from. 

All kids love animals – it is a fact. “Animals walk” brings lots of fun and enjoyment. You ask your child to show how different animals walk. It will be good both for the child’s coordination and memory as he/she will learn and remember some animals. 

“Simon/Simone Says” – you will show something using your body, gestures, moves, and the child has to repeat after you. 

Singing songs – a perfect choice to develop the vocabulary and rhythm. You can add some dancing moves to keep the vibe on. 

“Role-play” – not only can you act the scenes like going shopping, but also scenes from favorite stories or cartoons.


Depending on the weather, you can always choose something like flying a kite, throwing snowballs, or making a snowman. Also, you can go to the nearest farm and let the child see and touch animals.

Activities for 6 to 9 Years Old 

As you may guess, it is all about independence, and this is something that you’ll start to see starting from the age of 6. It is so important that your child has something to do to distract them from their electronic devices and video games so that they understand the value of having quality time with you and have physical activities as well. According to the advice given on Simply Mumma it’s important that by this age, you ensure that you protect your kids from the internet, especially cyberbullying, which is prevalent in this phase. The best thing to do is to just get them away from the screen as much as you can.


It’s a good idea to do a lot of supervised experiments and activities. 

  • Play with foam, melt some crayons, make bubbles, or bake.
  • Give your child a sense of responsibility will also do the trick as you can ask your child to help with feeding the birds in winter, and other animals that might be visiting your backyard in the summer. Play board games. There are so many educational board games that you can find these days, so make sure that you get a variety of them to entice your child to get involved in a fun and educational activity indoors.


If the weather is nice and pleasant, the best thing to do is to utilize your outdoor space. You can go bird-watching, create scavenger hunts, have picnics, and learn about nature. You should also take them hiking and camping under a starry sky and telling scary stories. 

Activities for Teenagers

The teenage years are probably the most difficult phase for your child, as they’re dealing with hormones and trying to figure out who they are and how to fit in. This is why finding an activity to do with them may be a bit more trying. The key is to find something that can appeal to their interests, keep them active, and help you bond with one another.  


Learning to play a musical instrument. This is a great option to go for because it’s something that you can do together by taking classes and it will certainly appeal to them. 

Arts and crafts. If you have an artistic child, then you should look into taking an arts and crafts class together to explore their creativity.


Find out what sport they have an interest in and try to introduce them to something that they will find fun. Most teenagers would love to have a go at a water sport or even something exciting such as archery.

To keep and maintain healthy and meaningful relationships with your kids, you need to keep them engaged. The best way to do this is to try your best to keep them away from their devices and mix and match the variety of activities that you do every weekend. This will teach them new skills, responsibility, and will also allow you to form a deeper bond. Using the advice provided here you’ll be able to appeal to your kids, regardless of what phase they’re in, and teach them the value of staying active while having fun. 


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