Girly Birthday Party Decoration: Tips And Ideas 


The very first thing you can do to get your child in a festive mood is to turn the room into a real fairy-tale world!

That’s where decoration ideas come into play: combining garlands, toys, candles, colorful fabrics, flower arrangements, your child’s favorite food and sweets, the figures of favorite cartoon characters you can achieve that fabulous effect that your little girl needs for her birthday. 

And, do not forget about the most important element of this fairy tale: bright and modern mylar foil specialty balloons like these will instantly create a festive mood and clearly show who is the most important person today!


Now we will share with you these top ideas for birthday party decorations for a girl.


Magic balloons made of latex or foil, filled with air or helium, glowing balloons, painted balloons, balloons of all colors of the rainbow — the choice is yours! Here are some ideas on how you can use them to create an unforgettable fairy birthday decor for your girl:

  • use bright garlands of balloons;
  • create a balloon wall (you can turn your wall into a wonderland flower meadow) or cover the ceiling with them (try creating a cloudless sky with your own hands!);
  • order a huge surprise balloon filled with candy, confetti, streamer, rose petals, small balls, tiny toys, magic predictions;
  • use balloon figures (there’s a huge choice of dolls, superheroes, animals, numbers and letters, trees, flowers and flower bouquets, fountains, etc.);
  • create a colorful balloon arch: it is a great way to zone the room and make an impressive photo backdrop for children.

By the way, glitter balloons are the best choice for a girl’s birthday, because they… SPARKLE!!

Paper decorations

Try accordion balls: these large ribbed paper items easily fold out and turn into a ball with folds on the surface. Several balls like these are enough for creating basic birthday decor. And if you choose balls with LEDs inside, you’ll start a real magic show!

Balls pom poms made of the finest paper are another interesting option: they resemble huge peony flowers, with the same fluffy torn petals. It’s just a perfect choice for a girl’s birthday party!


Garlands are the thing that you can create from anything: yarn and thread, fabric, colored paper and cardboard, little toys, flowers, etc.:

  • use paper tassels to decorate the edge of the festive table, chairs, curtain edges, or create a composition by decorating tree branches with tassels in the backyard;
  • try creating an interesting design using corrugated paper: you can cut out tiny parts in the form of fans, bows, flowers, and leaves;
  • use unnecessary scraps of fabric for creating textile garlands: they will make brushes, ribbons, bows. Also, sew some round rags stuffed with filler together to create cute rag snowballs;
  • yarn is great for creating fluffy multi-colored pom-poms;
  • garlands in the form of ribbons that decorate the ceiling is another good idea. They can completely transform a room, and even change its color scheme;
  • origami garlands will wonderfully fit into your festive decor;
  • also, you can create a non-standard garland of sweets or marshmallows strung on a string.

Birthday photo board

The walls of your room will look more elegant if you decorate them with a collage of the most breathtaking shots of your little princess or a metric of her achievements. 

The photo board will definitely attract attention and create excitement among children!

Paper weather vanes

This children’s spinner toy will look great as the decor of a festive table, candy bar, or photo zone. It’s quite easy to create it:

  • take cocktail straws, multi-colored cardboard 6×6”, and some buttons;
  • make 4 cuts on the paper from the corners to the center, fold accordingly and secure with a button.


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