How Can Parents Teach Their Children About Epic Cartoons and Their Characters


There are so many epic cartoons out there that it can be hard to keep track of them all. How do you teach your children about them? And more importantly, how do you teach them about the characters in these cartoons? In this article, you will read about some tips on how to do just that!

Teach Them About The Lore

Every story becomes way more interesting once you know the lore about it, and cartoons like TMNT are full of it. You should read as much information on the Ninja Turtles as you can find on the Internet and then convey it to your kids. You may also learn something new about the character backstories and character inspiration.

This research will make you love the cartoons from your childhood even more and make you appreciate the current state of this animation art form. Knowing about all of the Easter eggs and references hidden in these cartoons will give you a competitive edge when talking with other parents who are into geeky things.

Sure, these kids might not be as interested in TMNT or Transformers as we were back then but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try teaching them about it. And if you are a parent who is into geeky things, then teaching your kids a thing or two about epic cartoons and their characters will be the easiest thing in the world for you to do.

Tell Them What They Meant To You

Explain to your kids why you personally love these characters so much. You should talk about the following things:

  • What impact did the characters have on you as a kid?
  • Your favorite episodes of the show and why they are so memorable to you.
  • What the show taught you about life, even though it was a cartoon.
  • How watching these shows helped make you who you are as an adult today.

By telling your kids what these characters meant to you, it can help them form a connection with the character and understand why they are so important. It can also show them that cartoons are more than just entertainment. They can be educational and helpful in shaping our worldviews as well. As your children get older, continue to discuss these shows with them and help keep the memories of these characters alive. Who knows? They may even end up liking some of the same cartoons you loved as a kid!

Cartoons have been around for centuries, entertaining both children and adults alike. While their primary purpose is often seen as simply providing amusement, many cartoons also offer valuable life lessons that we can all learn from.

Talk Passionately About All The Characters

You should show passion by talking about all the characters and not just one or two. Hook your kids by talking about all of their different personalities, good and bad qualities, motivations, etc.

If you only focus on talking passionately about one character then it will be obvious to your child that you have a favorite character in the cartoon series. They may even ask who is your favorite character? If this happens then explain why it’s hard for you to choose a single favorite because there are so many great characters with diverse interests in the cartoon series.

Also, tell them how much fun it is talking enthusiastically about all of these different types of characters from various backgrounds because they make up such an epic cartoon universe full of possibilities!

Show Them Video Essays And Documentaries

Visual aid is a great way to teach kids about history, geography, and the world. This includes showing them video essays and documentaries, which can help paint in their minds what happened in the past or how events unfold today.

When showing your children video content that features epic cartoons and their characters, you need to make sure they are age-appropriate for them. For toddlers and young kids, nursery rhymes and cartoons can be a great way to introduce them to new information. Slightly older children might enjoy watching documentaries about their favorite epic cartoon characters or learning more about the history behind these stories.

Re-watch The Series With Them

Lastly, you can find a place to watch cartoons online and re-watch them with your children. This is not only a great bonding experience, but it can also help teach them about the characters and their roles in the show. Take some time to discuss each episode after you watch it, and ask them what they think about the various aspects of the cartoon.

Doing this will help your child learn more about these epic cartoons, and it can also give you some great bonding time with them. Who knows, they may even start to enjoy watching cartoons as much as you do!

Cartoons make you nostalgic and you want your kids to have that beautiful experience. Make sure to teach them about the lore and tell them how much it meant to you. Talk passionately about each character and make sure to show them video essays and documentaries, along with compilations. Finally, if they’re interested, rewatch the whole thing with them. Your kids will be grateful!


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