How Moms Can Make Extra Earnings With Writing Services


Being a mom in the 21st can be exhausting, especially if you are a single mom with more than one kid. Apart from having to provide your children with love, you have to support the family too. So what are your options? How do you make extra income without feeling as if you are relegating your family to the background?

Out of the several things you could do, becoming an essay writer is one job we strongly recommend. Almost anyone good with words can make extra bucks on the side as a writer. The job is just about as tasking as you decide it should be. It’s almost as if these writing services were created with moms and other people seeking a work-life balance in mind.

Before reaching for the financial returns in writing, your first target should be to become a better writer every day. How? Let’s consider these three simple steps:

3 Ways To Write Better Content

1. Brush up on the basics

No matter how good you think you are, always keep the English language basics at your fingertips. Although you don’t have to enroll in a college or have a degree in English to write, you can’t create premium content if you don’t understand the basics of the language. You can learn a lot you need to know about writing and English online; YouTube is an excellent place to start.

2. Write like it’s your job

If you aim to become a better writer, you should take your learning stage seriously. Practice every single thing you write as if you were paid for it. Pushing yourself to deliver great content even when no one is watching (or reading) will help you build consistency. It will also help you cope with the pressures of balancing writing with your home and kids.

3. Get a writing partner (if it’s possible)

Get yourself a writing partner that you respect. Finding a writing partner who will keep you accountable is highly recommended. If they are already good writers, they may even show you the ropes. When you have a writing partner, they will challenge you to be better.

How You Can Earn Money Through Writing

1. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to earn money online as a writer. It is like having a personal megaphone to reach the world on the web. You get to decide your deadlines, your content, and your target audience. You can make mommy posts targeting young mothers or other demographics. As a blogger, the world is truly your audience.

You can make money writing short stories for any industry, from corporate blogs to websites for mommies. You could also start your blog and promote it in your free time. We recommend picking a niche that either helps people make money or handle emotional struggles. It may take a while to start earning from your blog but it is a worthy sacrifice.

2. Translation

If you can write in different languages, this path is for you. First, it isn’t as saturated as other writing services, so you have less competition. It means that you will get paid well because a few people are doing it. Pitch your skills to companies needing translators and don’t be afraid to put a price on it. Being bilingual is a great advantage to you as a freelance writer as it is a highly specialized skill.

3. Freelance Writing

You can work as a freelance writer for companies. Nowadays, businesses are looking to grow their online presence and they need content for that. These companies prefer to outsource the task to freelance writers because it is cheaper than hiring an in-house writer. That is where you need to pick up the ball.

You can get these writing jobs from freelance platforms or pitch directly to companies. We recommend reviewing companies’ landing pages and reaching out to those you feel need tweaking (even before they know it). You can also get writing gigs on Craigslist and other similar platforms.

4. Editing

Are you a perfectionist? Do you spot errors in posts or articles? If you do, then you should try proofreading or editing. Every well-written piece has an editor and a proofreader behind it.

Companies need to share professional and error-free content, so start by emailing them. Go through some content posted by a company – try essay writing companies. Point out the errors in them and suggest ways to make the piece better. Afterward, send in samples of your work and request that they get back to you for further discussion.

5. Tutoring

If you dominate in a specific subject, you can make additional money by teaching other people what you know. Look for nearby or web-based mentoring openings and apply. Some organizations may expect you to hold substantial qualifications and coaching experience while others will be less demanding.

Aim for positions where you can demonstrate your capacity to coach a subject through a test. Usually, the higher your degree of training in a field, the more cash you can make.

In Summary

Being a mom is no easy feat and balancing it with your professional life might be challenging. However, with proper guidance, you can make it work. Being the super mom that you are, this could be a great side hustle. Follow the tips in this article and your transition will be smoother than your baby’s skin.


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