How To Clear A Badly Blocked Drain


Did you start your day like this? A clogged sink is a sure way to spoil the day! Luckily, there are a few things you can do to figure out How To Clear A Badly Blocked Drain!! 

Identify The Problem

Where do you start!? What could be in that drain? Before you decide you need to retain the services of a professional plumber, you can evaluate the situation; implement a few different home methods, and see if you can get that clog moving and get on with your day! Most people don’t realize their everyday cleaning or personal grooming methods contribute to buildup inside their sewer lines. Everything from food, hair, grease, feminine hygiene products, and even the tree roots outside. All can build up and stop the flow of greywater to your sewer system. Causing one big headache!! 

Tips From The Pros

There are many methods you can try at home. Number 1; always give the plunger a go first! The plunger forms a small vacuum around the mouth of the drain;  essentially forcing a burst of air down with the hopes of blasting out the blockage. If that fails you can also try boiling water. Heat up a few cups of hot water and pour it down the problem drain, chances are pretty good if your drain is suffering from a small grease stoppage the hot water will emulsify and flush away the problem almost instantly! Repeat a few times if the water level starts receding! 

Last Ditch Efforts

If that doesn’t sort the problem here are some homemade concoctions you can whip up.  Always wear safety equipment when using chemicals, and do not forget that toxic vapors are produced whenever you mix any different products together! Make sure to have proper ventilation in the area you are working in. Homemade Drain Opener; Add 1 cup of baking soda to the drain and chase it down with 1 cup of kitchen-grade vinegar. Remembering to flush with plenty of hot water after waiting 10 minutes for the reaction to subside. The water neutralizes the mixture to ensure no damage is done to your lines. The chemical reaction between the acidic and the alkaline products engulf the entire cavity of the drain with a solution that nearly turns a hair clog; or any remaining fats; into a problem no more! That didn’t work? You can head to your nearest department store and select from a few different options.  Acidic to caustic-based drain openers might do the trick! Make sure to follow label instructions. There are also DIY snakes you can buy at any hardware store that can help dislodge the blockage. Still, clogged? You are now frustrated no doubt.

Time For The Professionals

So none of your home remedies worked? Over at, they offer several different state-of-the-art methods to sort any plumbing issue you have! Offering residential, commercial, and industrial support; and a vast array of emergency services. Using their CCTV they can send the camera down into the lines and essentially devise if you suffer from a clog or a line rupture, establishing the best method to correct the problem. 

Time For The Strategy 

Taking your emergency calls 24/7 they come right out with their custom-designed Hydro-Jet Machine! The Hydro-Jet utilizes high-pressure steam at 4000psi effectively dislodging any debris including tree roots! The system has a high-powered vacuum that pulls all waste flushed by the Hydro-Jet out of your lines and into a waiting holding tank where it is disposed of at a regulated waste facility. Now your day is back on track without that plumbing headache! 

There still needs to be a general maintenance plan established to avoid any future problems. With expert guidance and advice they will put together a plan with you that with almost little effort will help save you money! A monthly checklist will help ensure things run smoothly from now on! Annual root monitoring is also recommended as those trees just keep growing and will always try to reach into those water lines! So whether you just have a hair clog or your entire water line has sprung a leak; it might be in your best interest to seek some advice from a professional; even if it is just for a quick call to explore some different options!


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