How to Determine If Your Foundation Needs to be Repaired


Most of the problems that homeowners are concerned with are those that they can see immediately. This could be discoloration of the paint, broken windows, and even roof problems. However, the most pressing home issues are those that we don’t see immediately.

Believe it or not, your home’s foundation is the most important part of the overall structure. In fact, the foundation is the most important part of any building. It’s basically what shoulder’s the weight of the structure and it also helps establish the level base for construction.

Foundations are made out of various materials using different techniques depending on what the home needs. The problem lies in the fact that no matter what happens, there will be some factors that can affect the integrity of a home’s foundation.

Some of these factors include calamities like mini earthquakes, storms, and even soil erosion. One can never tell how much damage these calamities can cause to your house’s foundation. This is why it’s important that you know about the signs of a foundation that needs repair.

Basic Indoor Signs

The good news is that you don’t need to look for it when checking for foundation problems. Most of the signs you need to look for are inside the house already and they can be spotted pretty easily so long as you know what you are looking for.

  • If you notice that some of the doors in the house are beginning to jam or it is harder to use the usual, don’t panic immediately. Check for foreign objects like pebbles that could be stuck at the bottom gap of the door. Also, check if the hunger is still properly in place. These can cause doors to jam up. If none of these are present, then you could be facing foundation issues already.
  • The same goes for windows too. If some windows in your home are harder to close and open than they used to, it’s a sign that you have foundation problems. However, you should first inspect the window’s hinges or slides first. There could just be foreign objects or rusting around the area.

  • Look at integral walls in the house. These include the walls over the doorways, windows, and also the part where it meets with the ceiling. If there are cracks here, the foundation might be having problems as well. While a crack or two in separate areas is nothing to worry about, you might want to call for repair services immediately if the cracks appear in many parts of the house.
  • Last but not the least, look around the floors of your house. Specifically, look for vinyl or ceramic tiles. If you have foundation problems, it’s very likely that there are going to be cracks on these parts of the house as well. Start to worry if the cracks pass through several tiles at once.

These are some of the common indoor signs that your house’s foundations may need repairs already, which is a prevalent issue in the East Coast of the United States. While it’s not necessary to call for foundation repair services in Maryland immediately, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Foundation problems get worse over time so it’s better to have problems fixed while they are still manageable.

Basement Walls Begin To Bow

As funny as this may sound, this is in no way a laughing matter. The walls in your basement will begin to bow inward if the foundation of the house is weak to a point where it can no longer pressure from the ground outside. This is one of the cases where you may want to call for help fast.

Once the walls in the basement begin to bend inward, this only means that it can only be a matter of time before the house eventually collapses. Before it gets worse, try to call for help as fast as possible. The walls could eventually fall while someone is inside the basement and this is very dangerous.

Chimney At An Angle

Houses are large to a point where it can get difficult to see foundation problems when looking at it from the outside. You may want to use your chimney as a reference. Ideally, the chimney should be straight from bottom to the tip. If you notice that there’s a slight angle to it, that already means your foundation is already compromised.

To get a better look at your chimney, head outside and try to view it from across the street. Don’t view it from up close as the distance could distort how you can view the chimney. Staying far enough lets you see if there’s some leaning action going on, even if it’s just for a few degrees.

Plumbing Problems

A home’s plumbing resides within the walls and floors of the house. This means that if there’s any internal movement happening, the pipes are going to be affected to some degree. Most commonly, the pipes might get crushed by the pressure, thus giving you plumbing and water supply problems.

This isn’t always a call for foundation repair services. Try to let a plumber check for problems first. If they aren’t able to determine the source of your plumbing issue from the outside, then there’s a good chance that the house’s foundation may have caused the pipes to squeeze up.

How Are Foundation Problems Fixed?

Some foundation problems require more work than others. In some cases, contractors request that you get your entire home’s foundation replaced. This is reserved for serious problems though. When this is the suggestion, you may have to evacuate the house temporarily.

Smaller problems like cracks on the walls and floors are usually minor problems. Contractors fix these problems directly instead of going to the house’s foundation.

Don’t let your home become a victim of poor foundation. Not only is it a threat to your physical security, but it can also be a threat to your property too. Even if the signs are minimal, it’s only a must that you try to get it checked ASAP. Some foundation repairs can reach bills up to $40,000 so you should have problems fixed before they get worse.


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