How to Easily Make Star-Spangled Slime by Yourself


If you are looking for a way to spend the day with your kids while doing a fun activity together, you should consider playing around with slime. It is great to touch and can be crafted into anything you want to match the idea you have in mind. While on holiday, we tend to spend the day with our families, so it is the perfect time to play with slime.

For instance, on the Fourth of July, you can make the star-spangled banner to honor the holiday and spend quality time with your children. If this is your first attempt, here are some handy step-by-step guides that you can choose from.

The Base and Materials

The best kind of base you can use is psyllium husk because the other materials you are going to use won’t mix well with other kinds of base. You will end up having a dough with a lot of air bubbles and interruptions if you improvised with other fibers. It is safe for children, even if they try to put it in their mouths. However, it should be without any coloring, meaning white or transparent, that way, you can add the colors you want. If you can only find the beige powder, it is still okay to use but you will be unable to get the three colors of the star which are white, red, and blue.

The other materials you will need are easy to come by. For instance, you should have a bowl, measuring spoons, and a wooden spoon. To establish the colors you want, the best agents are food coloring. If you want the slime to sparkle, you should add some glitter to your dough.

With or Without Borax

Borax may be a crucial ingredient but there have been cases reported where people have been burnt by it. Some of them avoid making slime to steer clear from this laundry additive. Fortunately, slime gurus at claim that you can replace borax with 1/3 cup of liquid starch and half a cup of glue. You can mix them, and then add starch until you get the desired consistency. On an important note, check the ingredients before using them because they may not be borax but they may include a percentage of it. It is sometimes added under its chemical name, which is sodium tetraborate decahydrate.

Soft and Stretchy Slime

This recipe is aimed to get a soft and super stretchy slime that your kids will love. It won’t have the thick and rubbery feeling because it is not glue-based. Fortunately, it is non-sticky, but it leaves glitter traces on the hands. First of all, you should add one tablespoon of the husk powder into a microwave-safe bowl, because you will need to heat it. After that, mix one cup of water with a few drops of the first food coloring agent and put them into the microwave for five minutes. You will notice that it looks like pudding skin, which you will need to scrape down using a wooden spoon to create a glob. You should add a splash of glitter to let the mixture sparkle then let it cool for a couple of minutes while you repeat the previous steps with the other colors.

Fluffy Slime

To make a stretchier slime, you need to add more water, polystyrene beads, and thick shampoo. First of all, add half a cup of shampoo to a one-quarter cup of cornstarch and mix them well together. After that, add three drops of the colors with five tablespoons of water but make sure to stir after the addition of each spoon.

The slime will be too sticky, so you have to keep kneading it well for five minutes. If its consistency is not good, keep adding cornstarch to get the dough-like firmness. On a side note, the humidity and temperature play an important role in its stickiness, and that’s why the amount of added ingredients will differ from one season to another.

Stretchy Sand Slime

If you want borax-quality slime but without using that chemical, you may want to consider this recipe. It will be stretchy and gooey with a grainy texture. In a bowl, pour one cup glue, three drops of food coloring, and one tablespoon of baking soda. Mix them then add one tablespoon of contact lens solution. Kneading the dough is crucial because it is the step that will determine the firmness of the slime. In other words, the more you knead, the less soggy it gets.

Slime is easy to craft and can make you connect with your kids better because you will be doing something that they love. Most children love to get their hands dirty by crafting different shapes. The star-spangled slime will be one of their masterpieces because it is colorful and will make them get more attached to their country as well. You get to choose from the above recipes depending on the most available ingredients at your house.



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