How to Fulfill Your Child Rock Star Dreams


There is no doubt that all a parent wants is to make their children’s dreams come true. But, how does this work if they want to be a rockstar or an artist? After all, there are very few role models for parental support when it comes to rockstars. To help you through this uncharted territory, here are the four basic ways through which you can help your child on their way to rock stardom.  

Have Their Back

One commonality between most of the rock stars who grew up in the 70s and 80s was the fact that none of them had their parents’ support. So, if you think that the only way to fulfill your child’s dream is to enroll them in lessons and get them the best instruments in the market, you’re not exactly right. While those are among the best ways to get your child a step closer, they are worth nothing without pure parental support. Kids want to know that you love them, accept them, and approve of their dreams. By doing something as simple as listening to them, encouraging them, and challenging them, you will be cementing in their head the idea that they have a safe base from which they can go out, explore the world, and in the future, embrace the challenging life of an artist.

Nurture Their Passion

What does a gift mean? Most of the time, it means that you love your child, but a gift related to their passions and dreams, this means other things. It is another form of support that says, “I love what you love, here is something that celebrates and adds to your love for music.” Needless to say, this message packs many meanings. The manufacturers from suggest opting for a personalized gift, such as guitar prints for their bedroom that could be a game-changer. Picture having your child wake up to a rug that reminds them of how much they love their guitar, and not only that, but how much their parents support their passion too, quite a meaningful gift isn’t it? The best thing is that you could nurture passions through many gifts like music albums, instruments, books, movies, music lessons, and even simple one-on-one time with them.

Teach Them to Listen

What characterizes an artist is the ability to listen to their own voice. This may sound like something out of a children’s movie, but it is the truth. During their formative years, children are still getting a feel of what they want, their opinions, who they should listen to, and who they shouldn’t. In our world, everyone has an opinion, and more often than not, the loudest voices are the negative ones. It’s essential that you teach your kid to listen to their own opinions, thoughts, and feelings because this will dictate what type of person they become. Whether they choose to be a rockstar or not, learning that their voice has value and weight will help them a great deal in life.

Teach Them to Accept

Failure is okay. Your rockstar-in-the-making needs to know that early on. Consider that they are growing in a world that demands perfection, we all are. What’s different is that for artists and musicians, perfection is destructive. Because perfection is unachievable, it kills creativity and promotes self-criticism and an overall unhealthy attitude within your child towards failing. It’s easy not to demand perfection, but the hard part is to follow through after they fail. 

When they feel disappointed and frustrated at their mistakes, and they definitely will because being a rockstar packs a lot of challenges, be there to take away the pressure of perfection. Keep in mind that this doesn’t stand for an excuse to give up. Offering softness and gentleness at the time of failure helps them come to terms with the fact that they are humans. There’s a difference between pushing someone forward and dragging them across the floors. Your aim should be to teach your children how to push themselves forward without self-criticizing or self-deprecating.

That being said, fulfilling your child’s dreams isn’t an easy task. While you do have to guide, nurture, and support them, the hard part is trusting them to lead their own way and accepting that you can’t control them. If your child has chosen the path of a rockstar, be glad because you have a brilliant, kindred spirit who wants to change the world. Comfort yourself in that and in trusting that you’ve taught them well. Most important of all, accept their failures and shortcomings and love them unconditionally. That’s how you make their dreams come true.


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