How To Make The Process Of Planning A Memorial Service Less Stressful


The unthinkable has happened. One of your family members has passed away. The event can be a very traumatic and difficult transition for any family. But you want to remember your loved ones the way they deserve to. It is what any grieving family deserves. That is why you need to plan ahead before having to face the situation. Here is a helpful list of things you should think about when planning a memorial service.

Find a Funeral Director

After your loved one has passed away, typically you should locate the person’s will. Sometimes they may have given verbal or written instructions about what kind of service they would like. After you have found any and all relevant information and are absolutely sure that nothing is missing, it is highly recommended that you contact a funeral director. Now more than ever it’s especially important to have someone who knows all funeral regulations, including COVID-19 related rules. Having someone organize the small details can make your life a great deal simpler. The job of a funeral director includes the completion of death registration forms and notices, finding the right venue for your memorial service, and contacting clergy or a funeral celebrant. You should give your funeral director all the necessary information about the deceased.

Request a Price Estimate

Because there are so many different kinds of funerals, expenses can vary. It is important to check out the price beforehand. The folks at noted that there’s even a range of prepaid funeral options you can choose from. That way, your grieving family will not be burdened by the death of a loved one. You can even plan ahead for your own passing and choose a prepaid option for yourself too, ensuring that you don’t leave behind a financial burden. It is definitely good for everyone’s peace of mind if the funeral service does not cause any unneeded hardship for your family. Nobody likes a death in the family, but a death that brings financial problems makes things even more difficult to cope with. A funeral can run into thousands of dollars, so you definitely need to plan ahead.

Choose the Right Type of Service

Everyone’s preferences are different. This applies to funeral services as well. There are many factors to consider when planning a memorial service, such as whether it will be a cremation or coffin burial, the location of the burial plot, the date, who to invite, the contents of the memorial booklet, and who should speak. Many funeral homes only accept burials that have been arranged through a funeral director. So make sure that you do everything you can to have a proper service. Also, you should decide whether you would like a wake or not. It’s also important to talk with your funeral director about the religious or cultural preferences of the deceased, to ensure that they get the burial that is most compatible with their spirituality and views. Diversity matters and everyone has the right to a burial that suits their own cultural norms.

Burials: Natural Or Cemetery?

Most states in Australia now have places where you can bury loved ones in a natural, green setting. This is a sustainable way of burying someone, but you must have a special permit for this, and there’s a bunch of other drawbacks too. The burial fee will be way higher and there are only a small number of places where natural burials are allowed in Australia. If you live far away from a natural burial ground, you must travel a really long distance. It’s also not realistic for urban families. This can make things a lot more inconvenient for you and your family, which means that a conventional burial is still by far the best and most convenient option in general.  

Keepsakes Matter

Giving people something to help them remember the deceased is a great way of keeping your relative’s memory alive long after the funeral service. Sure, we all want to get over the loss, but remembrance is also important. Designing, printing, and distributing a memorial book about the deceased is a wonderful and touching way of keeping alive the memory of their best moments. By being able to see the special moments you shared on paper or on photos, you will cherish them in a way that really is unique. Also, the participants at the funeral service could be given a fine document attesting to the life of the person they all mourn.

By following this helpful advice, you will be better prepared for the passing of your loved ones. You can even prepare your family by arranging for your own funeral costs in advance with a prepaid funeral service. Remember, you do not have to go through all this alone. A funeral director can help you all the way through this difficult process.


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