How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Unforgettable


It is every parent’s dream to give their children the “best birthday ever”! But even though it may appear that there are a lot of creative ideas for birthday parties, when you have more than one child and you have to think about throwing a unique party each year, moms start feeling their minds ’empty’.

You’ve probably done a “Wild One” for your youngest, a unicorn-themed party for your seven-year old daughter, and a superhero celebration for your boy.

What else can you do to make your child’s birthday party different and unforgettable?

Baby with a party hat

There are more to party planning than deciding on a theme. Here are some ideas to make your child’s birthday party a sure-fire success.

Make it jam-packed with activities.

Children’s parties are far different from that of adults. When you’re a grown up, you want your birthday to be a little simpler, intimate, and really all about connecting with others. But for your little ones, the best party ever is one where they can play, run, laugh, eat some sweets, and just have a great time. Whatever theme you fancy, try to incorporate some activities that will keep your children and their guests engaged. Aside from the traditional ‘clown shows’, you can make it different this time by coming up with a “craft station”, a baking workshop, a Lego contest, or anything else that fancy their interest.

Take them outdoors!

Children love playing outdoors. If you have enough space to host an outdoor party, go for it! Let them play with water balloons and other outdoor games. Come up with a child-friendly obstacle race, launch a Nerf war, or set up a treasure hunt. Any of these activities are surely exciting! Make sure to remind your guests to bring extra clothes for their kids. It’s going to be messy, sweaty, and totally unforgettable!

Go for elaborate décor.

A child’s party is not a child’s party at all without some colorful decor. It’s time to unleash the “decorating diva” inside you and create a wonderful, vibrant setup for your kid’s birthday. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting it in your home or at a different location. Buy theme-related props, banners, balloons, colored paper to create beautiful accents, and the like. For a girl’s birthday party, you will never go wrong with paper flowers, butterfly pins, and some other whimsical decorations. Take it one step further by putting up inflatable dancers! These party inflatables are super cute and will surely capture the attention of both your young and grown-up guests. They also make a fun background for picture-taking.

Kids love games and prizes.

When it comes to games, nothing beats the classics. Of course, you’re free to inject some twist to make it even more exciting. Choose games that are safe and appropriate for your child and his peers’ age. It is to note that due to games children expand different skills that are useful during a lifetime. And don’t forget to prep fun prizes like cute pens and notebooks, some homemade cookies, and of course chocolates and put them in cute colorful bags or boxes.

Yes, the cake is the party’s centerpiece.

You also want to go all out with the cake. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but your child will not forget a cake that looks like his puppy, a car, toy, or a mini playhouse. Take time looking for a fun design that your child will love and place your order at your favorite bakery or cakemaker ahead of time.

Add creativity to food prep.

Just as you want to make your child’s birthday cake personalized, you also want to take the creativity throughout the dining table. Whether you’re ordering party food from a caterer or preparing it by yourself, add some fun with the way you present the food. Make some “fruit wands” by stacking colorful slices of fruit into a skewer. Give your desserts a colorful twist by adding sprinkles, nuts or colorful cereals like fruity pebbles. Try making mini burgers too. They’re super fun and cute! And of course, don’t forget to purchase some cute paper plates and cups.

Every child deserves to have a fun and unforgettable birthday. Something they will cherish and remember until they grow older. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be expensive or grand. With these tips and a little more creativity, you can pull up a wonderful party for your kids each year, and make it their “best birthday ever”!


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