How To Properly Handle Divorce From a Legal Standpoint


When you and your spouse were tying the knot on your wedding day, declaring your undying love for each other, and believing that you will both share your lives together, divorce was the last thing on your mind. Whether or not you envisaged it, the divorce process can be an overwhelming and traumatic experience for you, your partner, and especially, your children. Whether you filed for it or you are going through it because your partner wants an out, you should be informed about the steps you need to take in order to get the best out of it as quickly as possible while still retaining some dignity.

There is a common misconception that divorce makes you rich but in truth, all it does is create more expenses. This is why you need to make detailed research on the best divorce options available.

Do it Yourself

This is the cheapest and the fastest form. Here, the couple goes through the divorce proceeding with or without the help of an attorney. It is often based on a mutual understanding between both parties.


This method involves the use of a mediator who will help advocate for both couples and assist them in reaching a common ground for their interests and those of their children.


This involves the coming together of both attorneys of the couple and the mediator. Most of the time, the attorneys are not present but can be called upon for consultations and guidance.

Through The Internet

The couple could also choose the option of employing the services of a website. It is similar to the Do It Yourself method only that this time, they are not left to do the paperwork alone rather they are being guided by experts online.


This is the most popular, time-consuming, and expensive form. This employs the services of experienced lawyers to advocate for you during your legal process. Most of the time, divorce becomes successful and everybody goes their separate ways but there are times when your case could go to trial. It is best to avoid getting to this stage because things could get very ugly and you will lose control over the case as the court would impose theirs on you.

How will you Handle the Process Legally?

Get Support

The divorce process can be so overwhelming that it begins to feel lonely. You need to understand that you are not alone. To be honest, making the decision can have a ripple effect for the family, both close and extended, the community, your friends, and your social circle. Leverage the different sources of divorce support to help you deal with your feelings. Seek the help of a therapist to help you to manage your emotions every step of the way. These experts will help you deal with your feelings, take responsibility, develop healthy communication, and set boundaries.

Hire an Experienced Family Attorney

Make detailed research on getting a seasoned divorce attorney who will provide legal guidance during the process of your estrangement from your spouse. This may seem like an added burden to your current situation but a divorce lawyer will enlighten you here on the different divorce options available and help you arrive at a decision that will benefit you, your children, and your finances. Having a family attorney will provide you with appropriate support. You also need to be honest and straight with your attorney so that they can help you get the best deal.

File a Divorce

At this stage, your attorney will file a petition in the high court indicating that the divorce process has officially begun. These documents state your case, who your spouse is, how long you have been married, and what you want out of it. Your petition will be drafted out and the necessary court proceedings will be filed and organized in a logical manner.

Organize your Finances

You have come to a point where you need to understand that it is all business now. As earlier mentioned, there are a lot of feelings involved, you are dealing with someone you once loved or still loves but you need to set your feelings aside and make smart and objective financial decisions so as to save you from future headaches. Make a list of all the things you owe, you can take pictures of them if you must and have them dated. It is necessary to include each assets’ value and organize the paperwork.

All things considered, divorce is highly unpredictable and it doesn’t always turn out as expected. What works for your friend or your sister might not work for you. Whatever option you choose, ensure that you seek legal advice before venturing into anything. It is imperative to weigh your options well and decide on what will benefit you, your children, and your finances while making the whole process as kempt as possible.


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