How to Teach Your Child about Love


Even adults often have problems understanding what true love really is, of course, their children may have even more problems with this complex and comprehensive feeling. Generally, everyone loves differently. And therefore, we can answer this question in different ways. Needless to say that often we can’t find the right words to explain to our children what this pure feeling really means and how important it is in our lives, especially when we are moving too fast in a relationship The main thing is to know what to emphasize in communicating with a child. Any parent wants his or her child to become a decent and educated person.

You cannot immediately play your favorite song on the guitar if you have not practiced before. Also, if you have not learned to ride a bicycle, then it’s unlikely that you can immediately sit down and ride. Today, we have so many educational facilities because it is impossible to socialize in a society without possessing the most basic knowledge about the norms of behavior in it. Since childhood, we show our children the concepts of “bad” and “good.” We teach them to care for the younger, respect elders and loved ones, to have compassion, and help them to adapt to teamwork. We also teach our children how to communicate with this world.

But quite often, finding a common language with a child is more difficult than just telling him a strict “no.” We are all busy people, and raising children requires a lot of time. Sometimes, instead of answering the questions of the child, you just want to relax. For example, read your favorite book or watch some TV series. But despite all these difficulties, many scientists note that the main thing in education is love. As you know, children tend to copy their parent’s behavior, and this means that your behavior directly affects how your child will relate to their friends and romantic partners. This is why we have prepared 4 main tips on how, in your own example, you can explain to your child what love means.

Be consistent

This refers to both your general life and raising children. Here is what we mean here. If your child asks the same question to both mom and dad, you should give them the same answer. Otherwise, your child may not be able to find the right opinion. For example, a mother says that love is a respect and care, while dad said that to love means to hug and kiss. Yes, both variants are correct, but they are very confusing to children.

Good Cop Bad Cop

Nope, never. Forget about this principle once and for all. For example, when a father doesn’t allow a child to do something, but, on the other hand, a mother allows it without any problems, a child may believe that the father loves him or her less than the mother does.

Take care for your partner

You should never forget to care for your partner, especially when your children are around you. They should see that you are gentle with each other, mom prepares dad’s lunch for work, in turn, dad wraps his mom in a scarf because it’s cold outside, and you always come to each other’s help. Thus, your children will understand that since mom and dad love each other, then love means care.

Be gentle.

Naturally, your children won’t see you love and care if you forbid them to do something. But, they will understand much more and notice your love if you hug them more often. A hug always creates a feeling of self-importance. Also, children should see the tenderness of the parents in relation to each other. There is nothing shameful if a mom kisses a dad on the cheek. Or if you hold hands while walking. Thus, the child will understand that to love someone means to be gentle and devoted.

These are the three main principles that you should adhere to in everyday life. This will help your child understand how to show love and what it means to be loved. Moreover, these principles do not require any special efforts.


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