Important Fixtures You Should Have In Your New Home Before Moving In


Fixtures are objects or items that are installed permanently to any part of a house or a building, making them part of the whole property. Most of the time, people who have bought new homes tend to focus on the prime parts of the property although there are a few fixtures that you need to have in your new home before completely moving in. Read on to find out what these fixtures are.

Curtain Rods and Shutters

Including shutters as one of the fixtures in your house is a great option. Shutters are ideal for giving you some privacy in your home as these window covers completely block your windows. Shutters are also a great way to control the amount of sunlight entering your room. Another advantage of installing window shutters is an added security feature to the house. Since the windows are blocked from seeing the inside of your home, you will be kept safe from unwanted trespassers. There are already many available window shutter designs being offered in the home specialty stores so you can browse and choose whichever design will fit in your home well. Keep in mind though that shutters come with a higher price point.

Plant Landscaping and Garden Hardscaping

Having a beautiful landscape undeniably improves how your house’s exterior looks. A well planted and groomed landscape does not only please the eye, this man-made greenery also adds to the value of the property. So before moving, you should focus on improving your home’s landscape to have the outdoor space ready when you get there. If a hardscape isn’t already included, you should add one in your garden. The use of a hardscape to make an outside living area is a sizable improvement you can include in your house.

Lighting Fixtures 

Lighting is important in the entire house as these lights affect how the wall colors and the furniture looks. If your home and furniture will be more of a classic look, you should opt for lower lighting levels such as yellow lights. The lighting in a bedroom should be bright but still fits the room’s vibe. You should always consider having lights outside, especially in your garden as outdoor light fixtures will improve the entire look of the landscape and you will actually need lights as well to be able to walk out there at night. If you’re planning on having an outside living area, you should include some lighting there too. There are various options of lamps and lighting fixtures that you can choose from but it’s best that all the lights in the same area be the same color and that the fixtures in one area be matching to one another.

Bathroom Suites

One of the important things to check in your new home before moving in is your bathroom suites. Considering that the property is old, you will probably want to change the items in it or the entire space. Even if those bathroom items are clean, you may want to have them replaced with items that fit the overall house style. Although most of us like to have a spa-looking bathroom that we can relax in, keeping the bathroom style simple is best because if you ever want to sell the house, people will still prefer to have a bathroom that’s simple. Make sure that the faucets are not leaking drops of water and if they are, you get them fixed or totally replaced immediately.

Kitchen Units

Before moving in, you need to have your kitchen units installed. Getting the kitchen units attached to the kitchen area prior to moving into your new home is important just so you can save a lot of time and money. You already spent much of your time choosing and waiting for all the kitchen cabinets and other kitchen units to get delivered, and spending another couple of hours or days to have them installed is not advisable because the installation will take time and you don’t want to spend that much on ordering in or eating out. Having your house prepared with adequate planning is very important. Make sure that the units you have will fit all your kitchen necessities, but having a kitchen closet is always a great option to keep all the extra stuff if your kitchen items don’t fit.

Having your fixtures installed and in the right place before you move into your new home is preferable to avoid the hassle of having workers in and out of your home after you move in. There may be other things that require your attention while moving out but waiting to have the house’s fixtures done once you moved in is unsensible so having things like the shutters, different lightings, and closets are something that should be done ahead of time so all that’s left to do after you move in is enjoying the comfort of your new home.


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