Need Legal Advice? Here Are Some Ways To Find It


People have many reasons why they might need legal advice. Whether you’re having family difficulties, someone accused you of a crime, or you have questions about inheritance, you may need to seek legal counsel. While there are a lot of ways to get legal advice, it’s not always easy to discern good legal advice from bad legal advice. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can make sure you get the best legal help possible.

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1. Look Online

The first thing you can do is go online. This is one of the easiest things to do because it’s a great starting place and a good way to quickly search for help.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should just go to any forum and ask your question. The best thing you can do online is search for lists that can stir you in the right direction. Google something like top 100 trial lawyers, and go through the results. Find out who the best lawyers in your area are and see whether they have a website or a social media presence.

You can, and should, cater the online search to your specific needs. If you need help with a family law matter, for instance, look online to find the best family lawyers in your area.

2. Check Out Their Past Work

The second thing you can do is check out their past work. Ask around your community and see whether people have had any experience with these lawyers or other people who’ve used them.

One of the biggest signs of a good attorney is their past work and how many satisfied clients they’ve had. A satisfied client isn’t just someone who won their case, it’s someone who would recommend this lawyer to other people. When you find a legal professional that has many satisfied clients and lots of good reviews, they’re definitely worth looking into.

You can usually find testimonials on the attorney’s website, and it’s a good idea to check out their practice history on the State Bar website. This will give you a sense of what kind of lawyer they are and how capable they are when it comes to dealing with your specific situation.

3. Take A Consultation

The third thing you can do is take a consultation. Many lawyers offer free consultations, so it’s worth your time to talk with them and see whether or not they’re the right person for the job.

When talking to a lawyer, you should feel free to ask all the questions you need to ask. Do they specialize in your field of law?  What’s their communication style, can you understand them fully? Will they be able to help you with your case?

Get a sense of them as a person and as a professional. If it’s not there, then move on and find someone else who’ll work well with you.

4. Ask Friends And Family

Sometimes, people have already gone through what you’re going through. Even if it’s not completely the same, talking to them will get their perspective and give you a sense of how you should deal with the situation.

It’s important to take their advice into consideration, but ultimately it’s up to you to make your own decisions. Their experience might be a good starting point for you, but it’s up to you how you deal with your specific case. While each individual case has its own unique set of circumstances, you can still get quality legal advice from people who’ve been through it.

Your friends and family are a great place to start because they’re close to you, but make sure you do your own research as well. You should never take their word for it or automatically trust them since everyone is different in how they deal with things.

5. Use A Lawyer Referral Service

A lawyer referral service can help you find a great lawyer in your area. This works similarly to online directories, but the list is curated by professional lawyers who are familiar with the local legal system and community.

They take it upon themselves to recommend only the best lawyers they can, so you know you’ll be getting a good referral from them. When it comes to finding a lawyer, referrals are usually the best way to go because they have the most accurate information, and they only recommend people who have a positive history.

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Finally, don’t forget to be patient with yourself and take your time when looking for legal advice. If you do your research and find a lawyer who is right for you, it’ll be worth the effort. If at first, you don’t succeed, try another avenue and don’t just give up. You can use the time you spend finding a reputable source, to really narrow down your questions and make sure once you find a good lawyer, you’ll know exactly what you want to ask them.


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