New Wave of Technologies for Single Parents


It is challenging to raise a child, much more so for single parents. Aside from making sure that the basic needs of your children are met, you also need to spend quality time with them, making them feel cared for and loved. Fortunately, the advancements in modern technology enable single parents to multitask and manage to rear a child and maintain a home, all while hustling to provide for the needs of the family. Below are some technological innovations that can make parenting more manageable.

Child Safety: Hubble

Hubble is an app that supports home cameras and baby monitors. With this app, you will be able to immediately check on your little one in the middle of the night or know what your kids are doing in the living room as you are cooking in the kitchen. You can find information about Hubble through their official site. On the same page, you can also explore other gadgets that you can connect and control through this app, such as audio devices.

Constant Communication: Temi Personal Robot

If you are often running home late, missing the chance to tell a bedtime story to your kids, then Temi Personal Robot may just be the answer to your dilemma. This robot is integrated with two computers. One of these controls the navigation of the robot and the other features a display that is used for video calls. The great thing about this robot is that it is designed to respond to voice commands.

Screen Time Management: Time Too

It can be hard to manage the screen time of your kids if you are often caught up with limitless household chores. In this case, what you need is Time Too that will automatically black out the screen of your kids once their gadget time is up. Talk to your kids and agree on a schedule when they can use their gadgets and for how long. Set this schedule on the app and you are sure that the screen time of your kids is properly managed even if someone else babysits.

Car Pooling Solution: Figure8 App

One challenge for single parents is working around on a certain schedule to drop off or pick up their kids from school and other after school activities, especially if they have a rather rigid schedule. Fortunately, you can turn to a carpooling solution through the Figure8 app. From there, you will be able to join a community of parents that you know who can drop off and pick up your kids.

To wrap things up, leverage modern technology to make your life as a parent a little more convenient. Invest in a home camera to ensure that your children are safe even if you’re not around. In the same manner, use a personal robot to attend to the needs of your children even though you are physically distant. There are even apps nowadays that can help you manage the screen time of your kids or arrange for their drop off or pick up to and from their activities. With the help of all these technologies, for sure you will be able to single-handedly rear your kids.



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