Pets Your Baby Will Love: Animals Suited For Children And Infants


It’s such an overwhelming experience for a child when you get her that pet that wins her heart. When you pick the right choice, she’ll forever be grateful. It will be very hard to bring her to disown or thrash her toy. She just may grow up with it if possible.

Owning pets to kids is their own way of demonstrating the in-built ability to nurse, pamper and direct lesser beings just the way they see the adults do around them. It helps them get a chance to learn valuable lessons of life when it comes to showing love and care.

That pet will teach your child to be responsible and to be dependent on his parents or other adults just the same way the pet does to her. So what are the best pet choice options when planning her next toy? Take a look at these:


A fish is a perfect toy choice for your kid. However, you can’t get her just any fish. You’ll have to do some background check into what fish are relatively easy to raise and how. The professionals behind this article point out that there is a good number of fish types that are suitable for children. Neon Tetra fish is such a colorful pick and would be great for your children.

Siamese fighting fish are more suited for boys and do better than others like dwarf gourami, mollies and swordtails in their ability to adapt to tough conditions. They are known to survive even in the smallest supply of stagnant water. Goldfish are a little difficult to raise though they’re also a popular appeal.

With Siamese fish, you won’t have to bother about filters, aerators, heaters, or chemicals. Just make sure you supply them at least 10 liters of change of water regularly and keep them cool at 76 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.


Birds are great pets but aren’t often as easy to manage and care for as you would with a fish or a tortoise. While some birds have different levels of intellectual performance, others have varying social tendencies. However, they all require incessant attention.

You may decide to get a finch or canary or even a rather inexpensive parakeet. They’re good options for your kids especially when they’re just starting out on their bird pet’s journey. These bird options may not have the intellectual performance like other birds but they’re sure easy to raise.

You can go for more expensive options like cockatoos, golden conure, king parrot, archangel pigeon, and cockatiels if you’re more interested in a show of social class but you’ll need to prepare for more elaborate care.


As cold-blooded and as less inviting as they may be, reptiles still make the list of most wanted pets for kids

Tortoises like the Russian tortoise that feeds on small plants and shrubs are known to live for more than 60 years. Their slow-paced movement and calm nature are most intriguing to kids.

Apart from tortoises, some snake species like the corn snake, ball python, and California green snake make good choices. Constrictors and reptiles are generally unadvised.

Other popular reptile pets that shouldn’t be overlooked are the bearded dragon, leopard gecko, a crested gecko, and the red-footed tortoise.


Guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils are some first-choice rodents for kids’ pets. They don’t take much of your time and they are okay with a nominal living space.

If your choice is hamsters, however, it is best to get pairs of the same sex because they are somewhat solitary and you won’t want them hiding away from you when you’re ready to play. Furthermore, you must handle rodents with care and gentleness as they can still inflict dangerous bites on the kids should they feel a sense of threat.

Rats are great pets and can be fun to have around with their fairly large size, intelligence, and love for a human friendship. Other rodents on the list include guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, and rabbits.


Cats are surely every child’s favorite. Though they require regular veterinary check ups from time to time and some shots of immune-building doses, they still maintain their lovable status. Choose kid-friendly species of cats like the Abyssinian, Birman, Burmese, Maine Coon, Max, and Ragdoll. They can even thrive in very limited living space much unlike dogs.

There are a whole lot of other pets that are favorites for kids and which they will love but you need to select those that are easiest to manage and that are easily monitorable. You also want to make sure they don’t constitute a source of deadly diseases. Pay very close attention to their care, their temperature, and your intimacy with them for the general safety of the kid and family.



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