Preparing For A Baby Can Be Scary Sometimes: Here Are A Few Steps


Many women are delighted by news of them getting pregnant. The thought of having a baby in your arms as you rock them to sleep is refreshing.

It came no different to you. You take the pregnancy test, and it turns out to be positive. You’re thrilled and cannot wait to share the news with your family and friends. But now, the worry of being a parent haunts you. You do not know where to start as this is probably your first pregnancy and you lack experience.

How do I prepare? What do I eat? What I’m I supposed to wear? These questions are bombarding your mind at a rate you cannot fathom. Worry not, as here are tips to help you meander the pregnancy journey up until you deliver.

Start By Educating Yourself About Childcare

Pregnancy education is largely available in many online sources. However, you will have to choose a good reference as many articles online are based on personal opinions, not professional ones. Read these blogs to get an idea about the experience. Also, it would be best to note that whatever happened to another woman may not necessarily occur to you.

It is therefore paramount to check the authenticity of the information available online.

Books are also another great source of information on childbirth and pregnancy. Published books offer in-depth knowledge on labor pains, what to expect when at what stage of the pregnancy cycle etc. This information comes in handy when preparing yourself mentally for the pregnancy.

Today, many physicians offer private classes on preparation before, when pregnant, and even after delivery. These groups discuss the hurdles to face and the expected response to such occurrences.

Check Your Health

In the early stages of your pregnancy, prep your body for the pregnancy. As you may know, the pregnancy becomes heavier as the days go. Preparing your body to handle that extra load is essential. Join a gym or do light exercises at home if you are not a gym enthusiast.

Bad health and pregnancy are not a good combo. If you have preexisting conditions like arthritis or back pains, see a physician so that you can receive advice accordingly.

Taking healthy meal plans is a good option, especially before cravings kick in. Nutritional value in your food is pivotal to your ability to produce enough quality milk for your baby later. Drinking teas that help with boosting milk production and eating fruits will go a long way.

Consult Your Doctor

A professional doctor will offer insight on the questions you may have, and their relevance to your pregnancy. Some fears pregnant women have do not have scientific bearing to being pregnant. Instead, they are psychological and can be overcome by talking to a doctor or a psychologist if extreme. Your doctor will also guide you on what to eat and drink to ease your journey during pregnancy and breastfeeding later on. You can ask your doctor whether you can drink tea or coffee, eat sweets and peanut-based products, or any questions that you may have or may have heard and read.


Pregnancy cravings are normal. Do not restrict yourself or pressure yourself into a diet. At this stage, you may wonder why the smell of your favorite milkshake makes you choke, and some plain spaghetti tastes so delicious.

The bottom line is, so long as you crave edibles – eat! Craving nonedibles like dirt or soap is an indication of missing nourishment, mainly iron and phosphorus. Visit your doctor to receive a prescription of supplements to maintain your mineral levels.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep helps your body relax and offers a conducive environment for your baby to develop. Sleeping also allows digestion to take place seamlessly. Sleeping excessively than usual is typical at this time. Make use of this time because a few months down the line, the baby bump will be. The baby is going to be kicking and giving you sleepless nights (not a threat).

Fears before and during pregnancy are common. 80% of pregnant women experience pregnancy worries and scares even before they get pregnant. However, conditions for labor pains, constrictions, and baby karate vary from woman to woman. Delivery times are the same.

Consulting a qualified doctor is the best option to ascertain what to expect and directional responses to such. You shall have guidance on the ready even on foods to consume so that your body is ready for your baby.

Involve yourself in activities that make you happy. This will take your thoughts away from thinking about labor pains and pregnancy stresses. It would also help if you visit friends and family as they are a supporting pillar in your pregnancy journey.


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