The royal baby is here! Trot out the bottles!


Oreo is known for hijacking the issue of infant feeding for marketing purposes (remember their breastfeeding ad?) So now that Kate has dispelled the new heir to the British throne, Oreo thought they’d have another bash at the topic. However, this time the assumption is that the new prince will be bottle-fed (a bizarre assumption considering the royal family’s track record of breastfeeding).

Featuring a milk bottle and Oreo cookie atop a stately cushion, the timely campaign was tweeted out with the message ‘Prepare the royal bottle service!’ as soon as the news of the baby’s birth broke.

Then there is this ‘subtle’ affair from tea company Twinings:

Notice it’s a wee newborn-sized bottle! No shame. Perhaps they should have just gone the whole way and filled the ruddy thing with tea! It’s a mere step from nutritionally-inferior powdered cow’s milk.

The influx of royal baby bottle ads is a stark reminder (if we ever needed another one) that our culture is well and truly bottle-centric. Facepalm. Headdesk. Eyes to the ceiling.