The Top Attractions In Orange County That Are Worth Visiting


Theme parks, surfing, shopping, and reality shows are synonymous with Orange County, or “The OC.” Everything you picture from an authentic California experience comes together when you visit Orange County. Containing Irvine, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, and Anaheim, O.C. in California is the sixth most-populous county in the U.S. With a geographical area of 2,455 km², Orange County is home to more than three million people. With attractions like Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Knott’s Berry Farm, O.C. is a popular tourist destination. This isn’t your ordinary county – it’s a place for exploration and adventure. With OC, you can let go and rediscover your youthful side. This guide shows you the best attractions, key points of interest, and fun activities in O.C.

Huntington City Beach

This beach is part of Huntington Beach, one of the four major cities that comprise O.C. Popularly known as “Surf City USA.” Huntington Beach and should be on your list of things to do in Orange County as it is the most impressive point of interest for any visit to the O.C. What’s more, Huntington City Beach is a must-visit place—visiting the beach changes everything at Huntington City Beach. You can surf and have lots of fun like never before. The fantastic waves make it ideal for any person looking to surf.

Victoria Beach

This is a popular destination that is tucked away from the overall tourist population. Typically, the beach is occupied by locals who love the ocean and the seclusion from the busy beaches’ hustle and bustle. Because of its isolation, it makes an excellent place for anyone who wants to do some exploring. You’ll find people engaged in different activities on this beach, from swimming to fishing to skimboarding, among others. Victoria Beach also homes the famous Pirate Tower, a stone structure measuring 60 feet high and was constructed in 1926.

Theme Parks

O.C. is home to two of America’s most visited theme parks: Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. If you visit Knott’s, remember to line up for the GhostRider – the fastest (and largest) roller coaster on the West Coast. You also don’t want to miss the Wild West Stunt Show. Hold on, Disneyland has more. It is exciting and magical for the entire family. If you’re a Star Wars fanatic, ensure you visit the Galaxy’s Edge, the world’s first Star Wars theme park. Remember to visit Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, which has its fair share of delightful wonders.

Adventure City

This is a family-themed adventure park with a plethora of attractions to keep you entertained. The park offers attractions for children and adults of all ages, heights, interests, and energy levels, all under one roof. It also boasts of a rollercoaster, party station, an arcade, and a petting zoo. Adventure City can accommodate corporate events and large groups. What’s more, no matter how many guests come together, the parking is free! After an adventurous day, guests can enjoy all their favorite delicacies such as ice cream, pizza, corn dogs, and more.

Queen Mary

You don’t want to forget visiting Queen Mary. Why? Queen Mary prides itself on a vast list of tours, exhibits, and dining venues. With Queen Mary, there’s always something for everyone. Guests can relax in the Tea Room and enjoy top-notch dining at Sir Winston’s. Additionally, get to enjoy a trip down memory lane while learning about the famous Princess Diana or the World War 2 tale of the Queen Mary. As the night creeps in, so do the spirits as spooky twilight tours roam the haunted past of this luxury cruise liner.

El Moro Canyon Loop Trail

California is home to the most pleasing views in all U.S., and O.C. doesn’t disappoint. Orange County is filled with hiking trails that will keep you walking and enjoying the fantastic views. If you’re a hiking enthusiast, consider the El Moro Canyon Loop Trail. Located near Laguna Beach, El Moro has a loop design, making it easier to get around. At just about five miles in length, the hike is easy to navigate. What’s more, you can take a horse down this trail or do the walk on foot.


This isn’t your ordinary shopping mall. The LAB is a well-secluded location and an easy-to-miss treasure of the O.C. To a passerby, a glance at it, and you might mistake it for an industrial park. But, if you take a closer look through, you’ll find yourself in a different environment. To access The LAB, you’ll walk through a small, shaded path that opens into a marketplace. The market has many restaurants, small boutique shops, and for art lovers, there are art galleries, live music, poetry readings, and many more.

Bowers Museum

For art lovers, here’s yet something more exciting for you. Thanks to the iconic Bowers Museum, fine arts are now more than ever accessible in O.C. The museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, something only a few U.S. museums have. The museum strives to showcase world cultures through their respective arts since its establishment in 1936. People of all ages and all walks of life are welcome to visit the Bowers Museum. What’s more, there’s a “Childseum” available for the kids and the options for special events for groups.

The Blind Rabbit

Taking a step away from art and museums, remember to stop by The Blind Rabbit. This is an excellent destination for any drink or food lover. However, The Blind Rabbit can be challenging to spot if you’re not familiar with it. It is concealed away in the Anaheim Packing District. But, once you find it, you can expect to find yourself thrown back to the time of Speakeasies. The Blind Rabbit has an excellent atmosphere and unique décor for any person who wants a good time.

There you have it! Some of the best spots to visit in Orange County today. There are tons upon tons of activities to do in O.C. Luckily; Orange County is those destinations that you cannot run out of things to do in. When making your list, be sure to include any of the above destinations in your top-5 must-visit places. Finally, have fun and take care!


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