Thinking Of A New Family Car? Here’s Some Helpful Advice


New cars are so expensive! But if you’re considering buying a family car, then don’t worry – all hope is not lost. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right car for your needs. You can find out what size of vehicle you need according to the number of people in your family, and also find out whether or not you will need a new transmission at some point within the next couple of years. 

Leasing Or Buying?

This is a big decision and can make or break your car-buying experience. If you are hesitant about the idea of committing to purchasing a new vehicle, then leasing may be right for you. It’s having the newest car on the road without worrying about repairing it. An option to consider is a VW lease in Westchester if you’re a local because leasing is a no-hassle way to obtain a reliable vehicle. Also, VW offers a lot of minivan and bigger vehicle options for parents who have smaller children. 

Take A Test Drive

If you’re interested in buying a new family car, then the next step is to take it for a test drive. Peruse the shop and check out all of your options before settling on one that calls to you. Go with an open mind because there is a chance that the vehicle you thought was perfect during your first walk-around may not be as appealing once you’re behind the wheel. Before going for a test drive, it’s important to have questions ready about any topic related to the car. This can include performance, technology, safety features, and warranties. 

What Size Do I Need?

One of the main questions to consider is how many people you need to transport regularly. This will help determine what type of car to buy. If you have more than one child, then it would be beneficial to get something with three rows. For example, minivans are one choice that usually comes equipped with two separate seating areas in the rear. They can also provide you with extra storage space for shopping bags or sports gear. 


A lot of new cars come equipped with continuously variable transmissions (CVT). While these offer smooth shifting and improved acceleration, they also require regular maintenance like tune-ups and fluid changes. If you’re wondering whether you need a new transmission or not, then check your oil level. If it’s low or doesn’t have a “check engine” light on, then this could be a sign that you need to make an appointment with a mechanic soon. 

It’s important to consider how much annual maintenance will be required. If you don’t have time each month for oil changes and tire rotations, then it would be wise to think about opting for a different type of vehicle that won’t require as much attention. Another option is taking your car in every six months so that the mechanics can check over everything thoroughly and catch any potential problems before they escalate into expensive repairs.

Do You Have A Trade-In?

If you do happen to have a used vehicle that you would like to trade in for a family car, then think about how much it is worth before mentioning it as part of the deal. The dealer may offer you less than what it is currently worth. For example, if the sale price of your new family car is $25,000 and your trade-in has 1 year left of warranty coverage, then its value would probably be around $17,500 at most.   

How Small Are Your Children?

A lot of people assume that you have to have a huge car with three rows if you have more than one child. It’s better to get something that is smaller and easier to handle – especially when it comes to parking in tight spaces. A good choice for a family vehicle is the 2018 Ford Escape with up to 33 MPG on the highway. This stylish SUV has all the perks of a larger SUV but is compact enough so that it can be maneuvered easily, especially in crowded areas or garages with limited space. Make sure to also consider a car seat that will fit comfortably into the model you purchase. 

Leasing a new Volkswagen is a smart choice for parents who want worry-free driving and excellent performance without having to pay outrageous prices for repairs down the line. VW offers many minivan options like this 2018 VW Atlas, which has seating for seven and two USB ports in the back for easy device charging. Contact a dealer to learn more about all of your leasing options today!


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