Thinking of Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit? Here Are 6 Things You Need to Be Aware Of


Truck accidents can lead to life-threatening injuries. Most times, truck accidents are inevitable. Unlike car accidents, it is often hard to determine who is at fault during a truck accident. Many factors can lead to truck accidents. Most times, it’s the fault of a distracted truck driver, while other times, it’s caused by driver impairment. No matter who is at fault, truck accidents can lead to severe injuries or, worse, death. Accidents from large trucks kill many people. In addition, these accidents cause damage to your financial state as vehicles will have to be repaired and medical bills from the damage paid. 

After a truck accident, some cautions need to be taken. For example, it is wrong to sign documents or give recorded statements without legal representation. If you need to file for a truck accident lawsuit, here are the things you need to know.

You Need an Attorney 

It is easy for insurance companies to take advantage of you after a truck accident. Before you reach out to an attorney, you need to make sure everyone involved in the accident is medically correct. Then, you need a lawyer to help take the lead in your lawsuit case. It might seem like you know everything about and can stand on your own but having an attorney is essential. The attorney will help you seek compensation while conducting preliminary research about the case. When all of this is done, the attorney will reach out to the trucking company and demand insurance. Trying to go through the insurance procedures alone might convince you to accept a lower amount of money. Insurance companies do this because the less money they make you take, the lower they have to pay. The attorney makes this easy because insurance companies tend to give higher offers to avoid a lawsuit. An attorney assists you in getting enough money to cover your vehicle damage. 

Statute of Limitations 

The statute of limitation differs in countries. A rule of limitations is a law that gives each party in a case a maximum amount of time to initiate legal proceedings from the date of the alleged accident. For example, if you are in Nevada, you can find the statute of limitations on truck accidents relating to this location on as they sometimes vary from state to state.  Therefore, your attorney needs to find out the rule of regulation in your country. It gives the attorney enough time to investigate the accident. 

Your Lawsuit Might Not End in a Court Hearing 

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of standing in a law court. It is okay if you’re one of those people. The thing with truck accident cases is that they all don’t have to end in a court hearing. You can get the truck’s insurance company to make payments to you instead of going to court. Once the settlement price offered to you works, and the case ends immediately. 

Collect Pieces of Evidence 

Your lawyer will need to collect all available evidence, from police reports to medical records and eye-witnesses. Also, you have to call a meeting with your insurance adjuster. Before going ahead with a lawsuit, you and your attorney need to make sure all documents are updated and alert to new changes. All evidence counts before a truck accident lawsuit. 

Truck Accidents Are Difficult to Litigate

There are usually more parties involved in trucking accidents when compared to car accidents. For example, the truck driver, the company in charge of loading the trucks, and the trucking company, are involved. The attorney helps you find out whose fault the accident is from. It could be the fault of the loading company or that of the truck driver. Trucks have different moving parts, and it needs a proper investigation to know who needs to get sued with a lawsuit. 

It Requires Paperwork

The accident records need to be in paper form, and all papers need to be ready on time. The attorney needs documentation from the truck driver to ensure that he is following all the rules. In addition, the paperwork helps in filing a lawsuit. Truck accidents require more paperwork and documentation than a car or personal injury documentation; if the paperwork takes much time to access, it’s time to contact your attorney.

The more you know about truck accidents and how to place a lawsuit, the better it is. Unless the accident took lives, it is best to settle with the truck insurance company. Most times, getting compensation is almost impossible, and it is worse when you are alone and have no lawyer.

Ensure you see a medical professional and remember to keep all information documented. 


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