Top 10 Breastfeeding TV Ads


As nursing your baby does not generate money for corporations, it’s up to each country’s Government to advertise the benefits of breastfeeding. This is why for every breastfeeding TV advertisement there are thirty formula ones. Formula companies have a plentiful supply of cash to drill into their marketing.
Nonetheless, there have been some corker breastfeeding advertisements created around the globe. Here’s my top 10 countdown.

10. Breast milk (Taiwan):

9. Weight loss (USA):

8. Log rolling (USA):

7. Music notes (Canada):

6. When you need a feed (New Zealand):

5. For your baby’s health and yours (Asia):

4. Man eating in toilet (Australia):

3. Baby eating in toilet (Canada):

2. Generations (USA):

1. And my personal favourite – Other people may not notice (Scotland):

Some honourable mentions:

The Breastmilk Baby (doll)
Whip ‘em Out
Ladies Night
Get Ahead in Life
To Give Breast is to Give Life
Mom Can Feed Me Anywhere