Top 4 Selections for Your Kitchen Renovation


We spend so much time moving in the kitchen than any other parts of our house. This is why making it comfortable and functional is very important. Not only for aesthetic purposes but also it will make working in the kitchen very efficient. If you want to do some changes in your well-loved kitchen, we made these top 4 selections on what you should focus on next time you want a kitchen makeover. 


The Countertop

Making a good choice in picking the countertop is one of the biggest and most important aspects of designing your kitchen. This is not just for beautification purposes but also good functionality. It will be a great investment that you will see and feel for years to come. If you want to think practical without compromising aesthetically, you can consider granite, marble, quartz countertops. They are the most popular countertop options in the market. Their classic elegance is outstanding in the kitchen, and if you have proper care and maintenance they will be sturdy and can last decades. If you spend time cooking so much, they are advisable as they are resistant to scratches and damage from heat from pans and other cooking activities. It will be a great investment and one of a good start if you want to renovate. 

Install Better Lights

If there’s any part of the house where definitely shouldn’t have any poor lighting, it’s the kitchen. It is not just about good design and good ambiance, it is also for function and safety. Proper kitchen lighting is important when it comes to safety. In the kitchen, you are using sharp knives and other kitchen tools so it should be properly lit. The better light you have in the room, the better you can cook, and the better your kitchen will look. You can renovate your kitchen and put these three main lights, general lighting for overall brightness, task lighting, and a little bit of accent lighting. For your kitchen, renovating lights will be very beneficial and will improve your cooking experience. 

Widen Storage and Counter Space

One of the biggest problems with kitchen design is the lack of storage and counter space. Considering all the things that you will do and put inside the kitchen that require big space, as well as appliances and kitchen tools that are permanently located there, you want to put as much as storage and space in a kitchen as possible. If you do a renovation you might want to add a kitchen island with lots of drawers under, this way you’ll have plenty of storage and counter space. 

Make It Properly Ventilated

No matter how good your kitchen looks, if stinky odors are lingering around, it will not make a good impression. If ever someone walked into your house and smelled last night’s food lingering in the air, you’ll understand the importance of good kitchen ventilation. Regular range hoods just circulate dirty and smelly air, while having a good ventilation system will help eliminate and improve the quality of your kitchen air. It will also help keep your kitchen cleaner and extend the life of your appliances.

Making renovations at your home may be expensive but in the long run, it can be a big investment. A good kitchen makes cooking and eating more pleasant, and this time will create a good and lasting memory for you and your family.


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