Top Non-toxic Materials That You Should Look For When Shopping For Your Baby


If you are expecting a baby, it is important to think about the materials that you will be using for your little one. A lot of baby items may have harmful chemicals in them, so you should look for items that are non-toxic. Harmful chemicals can lead to serious health problems so it’s best to avoid them. Here is a list of the top non-toxic materials that you should look for when shopping for your little one.

1. 100% cotton 

Cotton is a safe and natural choice for your baby’s clothing, bedding, blankets, towels, and more. While it is important to look for 100% cotton, you should be aware that some cotton has been dyed with chemical dyes. Some poisonous dyes are easier to spot, but others are so small they can’t be seen by the naked eye. Examples of these smaller dye molecules are erythrosine and rhodamine. Of course, there are many more and if you want to learn more about toxins that may affect your baby, you can read a book or a website that deals with that issue. If you want to know for sure that cotton is truly non-toxic, the best way is to look for organic 100% cotton fabric. An organic label means that no chemicals or insecticides have been used to grow the cotton and it’s the safest choice for your baby. Cotton is soft so it will feel nice on your baby’s skin. It also absorbs moisture so it is comfortable to use during changing times.

2. 100% wool 

Wool is a great natural fabric that you should look for. This is because it’s non-toxic and has many health benefits. The best wool materials are organic and unprocessed, meaning they haven’t been bleached or chemically treated in any way before arriving on your doorstep. Wool will be very soft and it may even feel like cashmere. It can be purchased as knit or woven items and it is a great choice for blankets, sheets, and clothing. The best thing about wool is that it will naturally kill any bacteria that might be present in the fabric of your baby’s clothes so there is no need for harsh chemicals to get this job done. Just make sure you take care of it properly, wash it at low temperatures and separately from other items and your wool clothing should stay fresh for a long time.

3. 100% hemp 

Hemp is a great choice because it is not only soft, but it’s also durable and resistant to mold and mildew. It’s easy to see why this material would be popular as clothing for babies as well as adults! The best way to find authentic hemp clothing that has not been chemically treated is to look for organic hemp. You will be able to tell because 100% organic hemp fabric will usually feel like canvas, but it’s much softer than normal canvas. Hemp material is usually very sturdy and durable, which makes it great for items like shoes and long-lasting clothing. You can find it in 100% hemp knit and also in a blend with cotton or bamboo. Also, hemp is actually pretty environmentally friendly because growing hemp does not use chemicals, so it doesn’t pollute the ground, water, and air like other fabrics.

4. 100% bamboo 

A bamboo is a fantastic option that you should keep in mind. The best way to find non-toxic bamboo material is to choose the organic bamboo fabric. Organic bamboo will be incredibly soft and silky and it may even feel like silk when you touch it. It’s important to note that not all kinds of bamboo are the same, so while one type of bamboo might be non-toxic, another type might not be. One example is that while some types of bamboo have been grown organically and are completely safe, others may have been imported from a country where there were no laws against using pesticides on crops so it’s best to look for organic certification if you want to take the guesswork out of the equation. Bamboo is a great choice because it’s eco-friendly and also hypoallergenic, so if your baby has sensitive skin, they should be perfectly fine when you choose products made from this fabric.

Babies are delicate and need the best care possible. That’s why you should always look for natural fabrics like cotton, wool, hemp, or bamboo when shopping for baby clothing. These materials will be soft on your baby’s skin while also safe to use because they’re non-toxic. Choose organic versions of these materials if you don’t want to guess whether it’s safe to buy them or not!


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