Top Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Party for Your Children


Planning your child’s birthday party may be the highlight of your year. Hard work, yes! But seeing their little face light up with happiness is the gift that keeps on giving. Children have a wonderful way of keeping us young and are worth every second of our effort. The young years pass by in a flash, so it’s important to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. So how can you make a birthday they will talk about for years to come? 

What are your child’s favorite things? Writing a list of everything your child enjoys, from food to games and toys, will help you organize what to include. Ask them what they would like to have as part of their birthday and who they would like to spend it with. Involving your child will help them feel part of it and add to the excitement. Ask then to write a guest list and modify it if needed; it’s likely they will want their whole class there if they have lots of friends. 

Sleepover party 

If you usually throw a party for a scheduled time and want this birthday to be special, you could consider having a party that includes a sleepover. Children love the idea of spending some extended time with their friends, and there are lots of fun ideas to utilize. If you have a daughter that loves unicorns, for example, you can set up some small beds in her bedroom or other areas of the house with unicorn-themed blankets and balloons. You can even make the whole party a unicorn theme, click here for some ideas of party supplies available, including party poppers, stickers and tattoos, ideal for a girlie sleepover. If you want to make the party extra special, there are companies that specialize in providing tent and tipi hire. 

Some companies offer cosy dens, tents and mini beds with a choice of themes ranging from mermaids and dinosaurs to movie nights and adventures. It’s hassle – free with set up and clearing up part of the price. Imagine your little ones face when they see a special place to share with their friends. You can supply them with sneaky little treats for a midnight feast and enjoy listening to their nocturnal giggling. A wonderful memory to cherish. 


If you consider taking your child to a special place for their birthday, what are the options favorite? One thing children always remember into adulthood is trips and experiences. Disneyland Paris or Florida is an excellent option for an exceptional birthday. If you have a child who is mad about Disney, what better way to celebrate their day than meet their favourite characters in person. Even better is to keep it as a surprise! You can arrange for one of the characters to greet the birthday child in one of the restaurants or cafes. You can also pick up a birthday button when you arrive for your child to wear. You can get a custom made cake to be sent to your accommodation or the restaurant you dine at. Imagine their excited face when Mickey turns up to sing them a happy birthday. You may be just as excited as them! 

There are lots of exciting things to do in Disneyland to keep you and your little ones entertained. The Magic Kingdom is full of thrilling rollercoasters and water parks. You can enjoy shows, boat rides, movies, train trips, and lots of real animals to stroke and enjoy. A trip to Disney will be a memory of a lifetime, so is a great option for an exceptional trip.


If money is tight and you need a more cost-effective option, then you could consider a party at a venue such as a zoo, theme park or activity center. Many public venues offer birthday packages and have various choices for catering. If your child loves animals, find out what your local zoo offers and discuss what you would like. Most offer a self-catering alternative that can keep costs down. You usually get a dedicated time slot to eat and have a birthday cake and a morning or afternoon looking at the animals or participating in activities. They typically charge a set rate per child and extra for catering. 

Celebrating the day your child was born will always be special. But sometimes, you want to add that little extra that will become a lifelong memory. These days pass in a flash, so make sure you enjoy every moment of it.


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