Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Cremation Urn


It’s never easy to think about the concept of death, or even deal with it when it comes around and hits close to home. However, it’s important to always be prepared because when it does happen, the people dealing with the arrangements don’t have to cope with any more stress and responsibility than they have to. If you or your loved ones have considered getting cremated after death, then there are a few things to keep in mind, most importantly, what kind of urn you’re going to use. It’s best that you arrange for the urn to be prepared so that you have exactly what you want. This is why we’re going to make the process easier for you and let you know what you need to look for when picking the perfect urn.

Personalize it

When you pick an urn, you want to be sure to personalize it. You can actually have the design and theme custom-made to your liking. This can range from carvings made on the urn itself or the handles, having a family emblem embedded onto the urn, or picking a specific image or quote that you feel is something that would fit perfectly. You can pick the colors you like or even go with ready-made themes if you prefer.

Pick the Right Size

It’s important to note that urns do come in different shapes and sizes. Not only is this a matter of personal preference, but it also depends on the weight of the deceased, as this affects how much space is needed to keep the ashes in the event that you pick to keep all the ashes in one urn. Alternatively, if you plan to distribute the ashes amongst family and friends, then you need to pick a few urns. In this case, the size won’t really matter as you’ll be dividing the weight. There are instances where, unfortunately, more than one person passes away at the same time, or a couple would prefer to be placed within the same urn when they pass away. In this case, you need to look into urns made for couples.

Choose the Ideal Material

There are a variety of different materials that the urn can be made from, and this has a lot to do with your personal taste as well as the burial method you choose to have. According to the people at Green Meadow Memorials, you can have steel, wooden, and ceramic urns made to your liking, in any shape you like. You can also purchase these items ready-made if you like. If you would like to have a burial, then you might want to consider using a biodegradable urn if you’d like to do this while being environmentally conscious as well. If you’d like to keep the urn as a keepsake or to scatter the ashes later on whenever you’re ready, then it’s best to think about a seal-tight option that is shaped accordingly and can stand the test of time without rusting or letting any of the ashes out. 


Even though it only makes sense to get the best urn imaginable in this situation, it’s important that you keep the expenses and the overall budget in mind. Think about how much the whole funeral procedure will cost, and also keep in mind that there may be a funeral service or even money that you want to leave behind for your loved ones. In this case, it’s important to look at a number of options and find out which is the most affordable in your case.

What will you Do with the Ashes

What you intend to do with the ashes plays a role in helping you make a decision. If you plan to bury the urn, then as mentioned earlier, you’ll want to think about a biodegradable and well-sealed option. However, if you intend to keep the urn yourself and are possibly thinking of scattering the ashes at some point, then you need to let the urn makers know so that you have easy access. You want it to be sealed properly, but you also want to be able to have easy access to scatter the ashes whenever you please. 

Now that you have these guidelines, you have a better idea of how to pick the perfect urn for yourself or your loved one. You should do this whenever you have the chance because while it is something difficult to think about and face, it is a necessity, and death is simply a part of this thing we call life.


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